When Do Preborn Babies Feel Pain?

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As times change, technology gets better. New and developing technology makes it even easier to discover new things about a preborn and pregnancy.

As one post-abortive woman, Missy Smith, put it:

“As technology has become more advanced, you can now see, at 8 weeks – 8 weeks! – (a preborn) pinched by a person on the palm of his hand and he recoils, his mouth opens in pain, and his heart rate speeds up – so the myth that the first 12 weeks is nothing, that the baby is just a blob – it is a myth” [1].

A common misconception that people have is that preborn children are unresponsive until 12 weeks, but as technology gets better, we are able to find out that a fetus develops faster than we could have imagined.

So, when a woman is told that her baby at 8 weeks is “just a blob of cells,” those who say this are either misinformed or are intentionally lying.

The evidence proves that 8 week old preborns are able to feel pain and respond to touch [2].

While taking a life without it feeling pain doesn’t make it morally acceptable (killing a person in his or sleep doesn’t make it any less wrong), the cruel manner in which these innocent preborn lives are being destroyed is something that the public must take into consideration.

Given what we now know about the development of preborn, they should be extended the same rights that are given to every other living member of the human species.



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[2] Clowes, Brian, PhD. (2001). The Facts of Life. Front Royal: Human Life International.


Image from California Pro-Life

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