When Should Pro-Life Advocates Call the Police?

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Unfortunately, those who are pro-life sometimes find themselves in situations in which they feel their lives and well-being threatened.

This happens even though all that the individuals are doing is going out into public to take a stand for what they believe in.

There have been many stories in which those who are pro-choice begin to get physical with pro-life advocates in order to try to start a fight.

In light of this, it is important for those who are pro-life to think about what circumstances warrant calling the police.

The answer?

Anytime you feel threatened, you should call the police.

There should be no hesitation; most likely the threat will not just be to yourself, but to anyone else in the vicinity.

As soon as a pro-choice individual threatens a pro-lifer, he or she may be charged with assault or battery [1].

Assault is the threat of physical violence, and this can be done without even touching a person.

On the other hand, battery involves the “willful or intentional touching of a person against that person’s will by another person, or by an object or substance put in motion by that other person” [2].

Not only should you call the police if a fellow pro-lifer is in danger, but also if you see a woman being forced into the clinic by these means.

While the first amendment allows everyone to have their own opinion and disagree with others, no one has the right to threaten others.

The importance of having a safe and peaceful environment for all cannot be understated.



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One thought on “When Should Pro-Life Advocates Call the Police?

  1. Safe and peaceful? I’m tired of you ignorant assholes trying to take away my rights as a woman. Of course people want to assault you! You probably deserve it for being such idiots! You assault and harass us first!

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