Will Making Abortion Illegal Simply Make It Inaccessible To Poor Women

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Some of those who support legalized abortion claim that outlawing abortion would simply make it more difficult for poor women to obtain abortions.

In other words, they see making abortion illegal in the United States as being unfair to those who are economically disadvantaged.

However, a big problem with this reasoning is that it is based on the assumption that abortion is something that can be good and helpful to women.

In reality, abortion can cause great harm to women, through both immediate and long-term effects.

While abortions are often masked and marketed as “health care” for women, most people realize these procedures are elective, not required for good health, and can in fact be very detrimental to health.

It is important to keep in mind that establishing legal protections for the unborn would also serve the purpose of helping women make better choices, and helping them feel that they do not need to try to go elsewhere to obtain abortions.

The goals of the pro-life movement include more than just outlawing abortion. There must also be an ongoing effort to change the culture and work to promote life.

For example, if the funding for abortion clinics went instead to provide pregnant mothers with support and resources during their pregnancies, women would feel much more liberated to make the decision to keep their babies.


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