Abortion: Never the Right Option, Words From Women Who Know

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In the decades that have passed since Roe v. Wade, one of the most heartbreaking revelations that has arisen is that abortion can have a devastating impact on the physical and psychological health of the women who receive them.

If women were made fully aware of these risks, it is doubtful that they would still choose abortion.

In fact, even many of the women who have chosen abortion in the past and felt it was the right option have now realized that there were better options available.

One of the biggest regrets these women have in their lives is that they were not able to become more informed about their options beforehand.

While nothing can change what these post-abortive women have done in the past, many of them have started making the most out of a bad situation and are speaking out about their experiences.

Here is a list of thoughts and memories from just a few of the countless women who have come to regret their past abortions…

“My soul was deeply, wholly and forever soiled from that point on.” [1]

“I had an abortion because I was on drugs and I didn’t listen to anyone about other options… I continued to drink and do drugs for ten years, suffered from depression and bi-polar. I…have had three miscarriages.” [2]

“It was the only option that I thought I’d be able to forget once it was done…the only option that wouldn’t destroy my plans…the only option I thought would affect my life the least. I was selfishly wrong on all three.” [3]

“I can’t turn back time, but maybe if I had heard my baby’s heartbeat I might have spared his life.” [4]

Abortion has already destroyed countless women’s lives, and our society owes far more to women than to allow it to destroy countless more.



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