How to be a Pro-Life Advocate

We often forget to discuss how to be pro-life. Instead, we are caught up debating and talking about issues. We focus on the why and neglect the how. Keep reading to learn more about how to be pro-life.

Start with Non-Violence is committed to non-violence. Being pro-life in essence is being anti-violence. It certainly goes beyond that, but anyone who supports violence as a means to fight abortion fails as a pro-lifer. The moral foundation upon which they stand is immediately compromised.

We see as our examples people like William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King and Ghandi. These are great examples of how powerful and effective non-violence is.

The dignity of human life is not selective. Abortionists and abortion advocates have dignity and worth as well. To be pro-life, you must be fully committed to non-violence.

Celebrate Life with Compassion and Hope

It’s easy to be discouraged by the overwhelming presence of the culture of death. But, the Culture of Life is a culture of HOPE. When new life comes into this world, it is a supremely hopeful event. Abortion is a hopeless event. We must do everything with hope and with love. Cynicism and hatred will only bring you down with the culture.

Those who are facing an abortion decision are often without hope and love. So, bring them hope and have compassion. Those hurting from past abortions will only heal when given hope and compassion.

Learn and Understand and Practice is here to help you to learn the facts, stats, arguments, philosophy (and more) required to be able to make a convincing and compelling case for life. So please, use this website fully! Learn from it, discuss it with friends to increase your understanding and practice talking about abortion whenever you can.