Pope Benedict XVI’s Views On Abortion

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Pope Benedict XVI is currently the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

Because of his great wisdom, many look to him for guidance.

Benedict is a firm believer in the right to life for all humans, as he once said:

“Openness to life is at the centre of true development. When a society moves towards the denial or suppression of life, it ends up no longer finding the necessary motivation and energy to strive for man’s true good.”

Pope Benedict XVI believes that society is suppressing life, and there for the good of mankind is dwindling.

Society as a whole must defend the conceived child’s right to life and the true good of the woman who can never, in any circumstances, find fulfillment in the decision to abort.

Pope Benedict in this quote confirms that life starts at conception.

He also continues to explain that a woman can never feel fulfilled when she chooses to abort her child. In fact, she will suffer greatly.

All those who realize this, whether Catholic or not, should take action to help prevent such suffering.


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One thought on “Pope Benedict XVI’s Views On Abortion

  1. The Pope is WRONG! He is not infallible, as many Popes before him have so richly demonstrated.
    And your quiz is seriously biased, with leading questions. For example the questions “when are abortions legal in the US” is not complete, and there is NO correct answer.
    What is true, is that abortions are legal prior to the end of the 16th week of gestation.
    And it is illegal after than EXCEPT in the case of danger to the mother’s life, or rape and incest.

    Your quiz is dishonest and I am sorry to say that by being that dishonest on a mere quiz demonstrate a will to be dishonest in many other ares surrounding this subject.

    Contrary to the propaganda spread by the “so called Pro-Life contingent,” NO ONE (except maybe a tiny minority of depraved people) is “PRO Abortion!”

    The greatest majority of people who are pro-choice are NOT pro-abortion, but respect everyone’s GOD GIFT to all human to exercise FREE WILL. And who is the Pope, and who are the Bishops to take women’s GOD GIVEN FREE WILL away from them?

    You are NOT God. God is within each one of us, and it is our personal conscience, and our particular circumstances that should guide us to make the right decision. In many cases, the right decision is to bring an unwanted pregnancy to term, in some case IT IS NOT!

    The world situation has changed since Jesus walked this earth. The world is now populated as “grains of sands on the beach.” Babys no longer have a life expectancy of 2 or 3 months, and children who survive early infancy have a life expectancy of 80 or more years!

    New medical development have greatly diminished the incidence of “natural miscarriages,” which occurred so often in the past (will of God?), and even 25 or 26 weeks old fetus are now “saved” by advanced medical care. . .although many NEVER will fulfill the full human potential, and would have died (even if they had been born at full term) within weeks or months in the “old time.”

    If the Church truly wants to diminish the NEED for early term abortions, they need to accept the fact that birth control is as much a “gift from God” than the medical technology that allows 25 or 26 weeks old fetus to survive is.

    Disallowing women’s GOD GIVEN free will by threatening excommunication is NOT going to increase the number of Catholics or the number of DECENT people in this world. . .it will ONLY push good, decent people away from the Church and allow them to realize that they NEED to value their own conscience, the INTIMATE relationship with God that we all have within us if we choose to listen MORE than the man made dogmas imposed by MEN (even the Pope) who have NO way to relate to a woman’s ALWAYS difficult choice to decide to keep a cluster of cells and nurture it to term so it becomes a human with a full life potential, or to terminate the development of that cluster of cell PRIOR to it acquiring ANY of the qualities that make us HUMAN.

    Danielle Skaw

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