What’s Wrong With Stem Cell Research?

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There are some who claim that the government must allow fetal tissue and embryonic stem cell research because it could potentially save many adult lives.

However, there are many problems with this claim.

First, it must be noted that there are actually two different types of stem cell research: adult stem cell research and embryonic stem cell research.

While adult stem cell research does not involve the destruction of human embryos, embryonic stem cell research does [1].

Embryonic stem cell research requires that the living embryo be killed for its stem cells to be harvested and used. While human features are not yet developed on the embryo, this does not mean that the preborn life should be used in whatever manner a researcher sees fit.

Additionally, it is actually adult stem cell research that holds far more promise than embryonic stem cell research [2].

Kim Lehman, of the John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute, has said that, “Embryonic Stem Cell research has not only ethical concerns, but safety concerns and the reason is because they are generically unstable and they cause tumors, where, in contrast, adult stem cell research is very promising and doesn’t have ethical concerns…” [3]

Even if embryonic stem cell research would lead to effective medicines for adults, one should be hard-pressed to find people who admits they believe innocent lives should be destroyed so they can prolong their own.

It is our duty to protect all human beings at all ages. Preborn human embryos are living and should be given equal protection as any other life.



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2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Stem Cell Research?

  1. you people have the completely wrong idea stems cells aren’t harvested they are not a crop waiting to be picked it is a delicate procedure that takes an egg that cannot develop so there is no life being taken would you rather a a good medical egg be thrown out as medical waste or used to save a life. i leave you with that to think of pro lifers think of that

  2. also you gathering information from church researchers that don’t exist my father has been working with stem cells for 25 years he has been all over the country and i showed him this jhon paul II stem cell institute doesn’t exist because religion dose’t get involved with very delicate methods and also very expensive equipment. then to prove you wrong more adult stem cells are more unstable then embryonic because adults are pre-grown and already a have a set cell they are supposed to grow into where as embryonic doesn’t So that blows your so called knowledge out of the water about stem cells how you animals call it “harvesting” those who call themselves pro lifers and call extracting: “harvesting” should be yelled at for being the murderer if you can’t call what it is by its name and by those whodeicate there life’s to help others

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