Why Are YOU Pro-Life?

Everyone has a slightly different way of expressing why they are pro-life.  Maybe you survived abortion?  Maybe you’ve had an abortion and regretted it? Maybe a friend has been touched by abortion? Maybe a sibling was aborted? Maybe you just clearly see the scientific facts?

What ever it is, we want to hear from you!

Click here to give your reasons for being pro-life and to read others’.

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122 thoughts on “Why Are YOU Pro-Life?

    1. I am pro life mainly because I am adopted. I know what it is like to be given the chance. My mom did not want to have me, and I was almost aborted, but my aunt saved me and placed me for adoption. I believe that every child should be given a chance, like I have been given one. I am so blessed. I also believe that as a christian, I could never be pro choice.

      1. Thank you for sharing this part of your life…I have always believed that every child to be given a chance to live, because you don’t know who they will be when they grow up. They may mean something to someone , and enrich their life with love….as well as make a difference in the world

    2. We believe that life begins at conception in the womb of the Mother and not in a test tube. To kill the unborn child in the womb is Murder. As a Roman Catholic I [Jim] believe that abortion is not only taking a life but is also breaking the 5th Commandment, “Thou Shall Not Kill.”
      My wife Christy and I have been in healing ministry in the Catholic Church for 26 years. We have seen miracles and the beauty of God’s Love coming forth for a person…it is life changing! Please visit us on our website at http://www.jimandchristygootee.com. God bless and keep you in the Palm of His Hand! Love, Jim and Christy

  1. I have been pro-life since the early 1970s. My father, who passed away in 1969, used to talk to my brothers and sisters and me about abortion. I could not understand what he meant when he would say, “We are heading to a time when mothers will be allowed to kill their babies.” The reality of that statement hit me full force when I attended the Illinois State Fair in 1971 with two of my sisters and we visited a pro-life booth. The stark reality of what an abortion is could not be hidden from me as I looked at photos of babies whose limbs had been torn from their bodies, their skin burnt and now labeled “candied apples,” and a garbage pail full of lifeless full-term babies. I was horrified, and vowed at that moment, to always speak out about this atrocity and even moreso when it bacame the law of the land in January 1973.
    I am a mother of two and during my pregnancies, I would read through a book to see how my baby was changing DAILY. Modern science confirms the beginning of life at conception with the unbelieveable photos of a developing fetus — the heart beating at three weeks, etc. People close their eyes to this scientific fact and cling to their “rights to choose.” I could write much, much more on how they hide behind their terminology, are willing to sacrifice another human being on the altar of convenience, that it is not their body that will die in this “procedure” but that of another human being — who would, if they could, scream at the top of their lungs “Oh, please, let me live!”
    Thank you for the work that you do and the courage to step forward to give witness on behalf of God’s unborn sons and daughters.

  2. I am pro-life because I believe in respecting the dignity of human life from conception to natural death… what exactly does this mean? This means that all human life is sacred… the tiny baby inside the womb, the elderly woman in the hospital, the man in the prison, the homeless person on the street, the child with disabilities, you, me… everyone’s life is sacred, and we must fight to defend our right to life.

  3. Respecting the dignity of human life? How about the dignity of those soldiers dying every single day overseas? How about the lives of millions of people and children being wasted by bombings and carelessness? How about the right of a woman to choose what happens to her body?

    Don’t talk about the dignity of human life if you don’t understand its basic essence.

    1. this isn’t about soldiers overseas. that is a completely different issue. What, may i ask, is the basic essence of human life since you seem to know it so well and failed to share? I appreciate arguments on both sides, but i must say that not even supporting your own opinion is “BS”

    2. I don’t understand why your automatic assumption is that pro-lifers are also pro-war, pro-careless bombing, and anti-woman. These babies being killed are perfect people, they never hurt anyone. We should resist careless bombings, unnecessary wars, and rapes/abuse….with a passion as well. And I do. The idea that life is sacred extends to the criminals who are on death row in my book, even if they are guilty for tons of hate. Women have beautiful bodies with a beautiful gift in them. In the rare circumstance that they have done nothing on their end that leads to a pregnancy (rape), but get pregnant anyway, they are given a 9 month cross to bear by God, or fate, if you do not believe. 9 months, and then there is adoption…..those waiting lists are long of people wanting a child. But on the basis that you feel 9 months is too much to ask for a women to be somewhat inconvenienced in order to save a life, (perhaps another woman’s life), then think of it from the perspective of the child. The baby did not “will” her own inconvenient existence and that baby does not deserve murder.

      People are given crosses to bear all the time. Would you not let someone live in your home for 9 months if it meant the difference between his/her death, or his/her chance at life?

      God bless the poor woman who ends her child’s life…….they deserve love, mercy, and hope…..the abortion will likely tear them up inside…..

    3. The right to life means exactly that. Every living thing has a right to live! For Pro-life is BS:Those soldiers chose to fight. And if there mothers had half a brain and aborted them,there would be one less soldier fighting for us. It doesn’t matter if the living thing is inside a body. It is a living,feeling,intelligent being with its own body. And that is the only reason people have for their sad excuse for why it’s ok to rip apart and suck the child out of their body. Because they were irresponsible to begin with and got pregnant and if this living thing was not in them and someone killed it,it would be murder! What is the difference? Cause it’s not breathing your air it doesn’t count? It’s a shameful way out of a mess someone brought on themselves. Yes,people get raped,I was raped at 16. I would have kept the child. So boo-hoo.

    4. thank you so much ! finally someone with a clear mindset so many people want to sit here and judge but truth of the matter is alot of people are sending their families and loved ones of to war every single day and they have no problem with the government taking money out of their wallets to support a war but yet want to critize the rights of women and the morals and dignity ? America is “the land of the free” ? i guess restrictions apply to freedom as well , i guess its okay to send millions of soldiers to death but it is “immoral” to grant a woman the right over her own body ? why are so many people so deeply offended by woman having abortions is beyond my comprehension how having an abortion can affect your next door neighbor or your boss or friends ? it does not ! in the pledge of allegiance it says “with liberty and justice for all ” i guess their is no justice much less liberty to those women who want to have an abortion .

      1. Justice? Liberty? for who, just the mother? what about the innocent child? I’ve always been taught that my freedom ends where another’s begins. There is freedom, to abstain from intimacy, or to be married -the way God designed a child to be given. There is also freedom to carry a child to full-term and give that blessing to someone else if one does really not think they can handle raising him. I know of rape victims that have done this, I’ve known of teen mothers who’ve done this, it is not the “unthinkable.” It is one thing to think you have a right over your own body, but once that “little body” is growing inside you, from the first flutter or before, what right do you have to end that second life that is now at your mercy? That baby is a miracle of God and needs to be treated as such. Actually, having an abortion is affecting not only your neighbor, or your boss, or your friends, but it’s impact is felt around the world, it is mankind shaking a fist in the face of God who says, in the 10 basic commandments, “Thou shalt not kill.” It has become a nation and world, asking for the wrath of God to descend.

      2. Lexie,
        What you are saying is not really making since to me. I also believe in the liberty and justice for all, but what I don’t understand is why you are limiting this to the mothers. In most cases they had the choice to have sex. Sex is not a necessity one does not need it to live. If one feels they need to have sex there are many options for protection. But once you have created this life it is then your responsibility. At conception this baby is just that it is a baby. It posses human DNA the moment it is conceived, you can not explain it to be any other thing but a human being. At 18 days after conception the baby even has a beating heart. At 8 weeks the baby has developed nerves and can feel pain. This child will feel the limbs being ripped from its body! If you can imagine a life with out children it is lonely and we are quickly headed down that path we are loosing approximately 115,000 children daily. One of those children could have been someone that changed this world, that had that one idea that saved thousands from cancer. These babies are not choosing death and it the decision should never be handed to a mother who is scared because she does not know how to raise this baby. There are options. Abortion (Murder) should never be one of them! And the soldiers across seas know what they are doing. They are brave men and woman and if it happens that they die in war they are dieing with dignity and they are choosing to lay down their life! I thank God lexie that you were not an “unwanted” child someone wanted you. You didn’t get to choose that, but your mother was handed that option and she choose life!

    5. what about the right for the unborn baby to have life? every living human has this right. and you cant assume that every pro-lifer is also pro-war. i am against war. i dont believe in senseless fighting or any fighting. i dont believe in killing anyone, even people who have killed other people . its just not our right. when you say “with liberty and justice for all”, what about the justice and liberty of those unborn children? are they an exception? why? because they cant be seen? if anyone should be protected, it should be the voiceless, and the ones who have no way of protecting themselves.

      1. You said it: UNBORN. How is an unborn baby a living human being. If you went into labor whiile the UNBORN fetus was still in the first 77 months, it would DIE right when it is taken out of the mother. Everybody has a right to life, but the UNBORN fetus is still a part of the mother so the mother can do as she pleases. You can have rights when you are delived and are a healthy baby.

        1. Dude Seriously….. At 7 weeks a fetus has a face, fingers and toes and his blood is seperate from his mother’s. AND at 21 weeks a baby can live outside of the womb!!
          Another question…. Why is it ok to kill your unborn baby? But if you are pregnant and you are murdered— then it’s DOUBLE homicide! Something to think about…

        2. Pro Choice, an unborn fetus and its mother actually are living in a form of symbiosis called commenalism. This is where two organisms are living together where one benefits while the other is neither helped nor harmed. For the first 7 months, the fetus must live in this symbiosis otherwise it would die. Much like how many bacterium in our digestive tract must stay in our tract or else it would die. Those bacterium are not my body much like the fetus is not the mother’s body. Besides, the fetus is a human. The thing is it is just a stage of human life. Zygote, fetus, infant, child, adolescent, adult. That zygote/fetus will not turn into any other organism. It is and will be a human no matter what happens.

        3. At just 8 weeks this baby will feel its limbs being ripped from it body. That’s right His or Her nerves are developed so much that it can feel His or Her own death.

        4. Pro-Choice,

          If a person is proclaimed dead when their heart stops beating, then why wouldn’t a person be proclaimed alive once their heart starts beating? A fetus’s heart starts beating around 5 weeks; therefore, they are not dead. And if they are not dead then what are they? They are alive. They have the right to live.
          My aunt had a miscarriage when she was only 4 months pregnant. That is about 16 weeks. The unborn baby had all the characteristics of a born baby. You could even see who the baby was going to look like. The same procedures that are made once a born baby passes away were made. My aunt couldn’t do anything to prevent her miscarriage. But if she could’ve, she would’ve because she witnessed how similiar an unborn baby and a born baby are. The only difference was the size.
          A person’a right to live should not be taken away just because of their location. An unborn baby has life and feelings just like we do. A baby deserves to live.

    6. What about the right of that innocent baby?That fetus doesn’t have the right to say that it doesn’t want its limbs ripped off its body!Or have its brain sucked out! How can it not be a human being? That baby has a heartbeat,a brain, and all other vital organs, in some cases of late term abortion!How is that not murder? If a pregnant woman is killed then the murderer is charged with the murder of that unborn child,then why is it right for a mother to kill her unborn child and not receive any punishment! I’m all for women’s right to do what she wants with her body but someone needs to speak up for the rights of our unborn children too!!GOD does not make mistakes! EVER!! THOU SHALL NOT KILL!!

    7. What are our soldiers protecting…..

      They are protecting our freedoms and lives

      Does the unborn child get a say in the decision of abortion?

      The baby does not deserve to die because of his or her selfish mother .

      Where is the baby’s freedom?

  4. You’re right. Soldiers shouldn’t be dying in unjust wars, violence in Darfur and other war-torn countries should not be taking away the lives of hundreds of thousands people… these are attacks on the dignity of human life.

    And no one has the “choice” to attack anyone’s right to life.

    Abortion is essentially one of the saddest violations on life because there are so many victims involved. It kills the child, hurts the mother, and as John Jansen said, “corrupts everything it touches.” Women DO deserve better than abortion… everyone deserves better than abortion.

  5. “Pro-life is BS,” What is the essence of human life? Enlighten me..

    I’m pro-life because I believe that everyone from conception until a natural death has an inherent right to life. This includes the soldiers overseas and all of the casualties in wars that shouldn’t be fought in the first place…

    But it also includes the unborn child, who has the same right to life as any and every one of us.

  6. I guess I am pro lifer too, I do not believe innocent people should be killed, even prisoners in our own state and federal prisons, it has happend often eonough, A true pro-lifer would agree with that.

  7. Would believe that they support the right to live of an unborn child, but then turn right around and support the death penalty, and go on to fight the war for oil.

    I think that protecting the lives of people who are already alive is a higher priority.

    But hey, “Save the death row inmates” or “Save the children of Afghanistan from bombs being dropped by our government sponsored troops” isn’t as catchy a phrase as “Pro-life”

  8. Having been adopted seems like one good reason to be pro-Life. The best pro-choice action would be the late-term abortion of folks who are pro-abortion, let’s start with the president. Please continue to impress me with your maudlin concern over convicted death-row inmates, child abuse, war and countless injustice. If you allow the slaughter of the most defenseless and innocent form of life, you cannot be right on any other subject. Get the first thing right, then we’ll talk.

  9. Former Abortion Activist /// Current Anti-Abortion Activist

    I am pro-woman, pro-freedom, and pro-peace. Because I am pro-peace, I am anti-abortion.

    “Truly liberated women reject abortion because they reject the male world view that accepts violence as a legitimate solution to conflict.” – Feminists for Life

  10. Being a Christian does not automatically mean that you oppose the right to abortion. In fact, the church into which I was baptized affirms that “it is the legal right of every woman to have a medically safe abortion.” Abortion does not disrupt civil society in the same way as murder. To believe that abortion must be regulated relies on a belief that a fetus is a person with all the rights and responsibilities of someone born. To grant a fetus that cannot exist outside the womb greater rights than the woman carrying the fetus is, in my estimation, fundamentally incompatible with the function of civil society.Most importantly, making abortion illegal will not stop abortions. The disruption to society from criminalizing abortion I believe is much greater than protecting safe and legal abortion. If I were to choose to have an abortion it would not infringe upon your liberty or the function of society at all. If you were to deny me the right to choose an abortion it impinges upon my liberty and the society at large in a myriad of ways

    1. As Christians we believe that God is the Creator and giver of life. We also believe that God has great respect for life and does NOT want anyone to perish and spend eternity in Hell where suffering and death is eternal. As far as the abortion issue goes, an unborn child is a LIVING,BREATHING person just the same as those of us who have been born which, essentially gives unborn children the right to LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. When unborn children are murdered in the name of convenience, their right are taken away. They are no different than newborn children who are completely helpless and dependant upon their parents and who would NOT survive outside the womb without the aid of their parents. So do we have the right to murder children who have had the chance to be born because they are completely helpless and dependent upon an adult to take care of them? I THINK NOT. People go to prison everyday for murdering someone who has been born so why not send abortion doctors to prison for murdering unborn children. As far as abortion being medically safe; IT ISN’T because not only is the unborn child dying, but, the mothers also get extremely sick and many mothers have died from the anesthetic and suffer from severe depression and horrible guilt because they have murdered A REAL LIVE PERSON.

      1. You said it: UNBORN. How is an unborn baby a living human being. If you went into labor whiile the UNBORN fetus was still in the first 77 months, it would DIE right when it is taken out of the mother. Everybody has a right to life, but the UNBORN fetus is still a part of the mother so the mother can do as she pleases. You can have rights when you are delived and are a healthy baby.

        Get educated, abortions are simple five minute procedures as long as you listen to the doctor. You will not be harmed as long as you listen. Those horrible sicknesses, those deaths, they didn’t listen. You need to study up because facts are facts.

        1. The fact that they are going to have an abortion means they didn’t listen in class when they were taught safe sex. If they don’t have the effort to get protected then they must deal with the consequences it was their choice to get pregnant. (under 1% of abortions are actually because of rape or incest.) These deaths to the unborn child were not given the chance to listen. They weren’t given the chance to say no to their own death.

  11. “Truly liberated women reject abortion because they reject the male world view that accepts violence as a legitimate solution to conflict.”

    Wrong. Truly liberated women realize that both violence and peace have no gender bounds, nor do they reject everything simply because it is the “male view”. This itself is sexism towards males, which any educated gender-rights activist would oppose… but nice try anyways.

  12. just to put a few things on the table first: i’m pro-life, anti-death penalty, protestant, a young woman, and generally consider myself conservative. that being said, i am pro-life because 1. an unborn fetus is still a human life that should not be sacrificed, 2. abortion harms the woman involved as well, and 3. I believe God has a plan for every life and that even if the child is unwanted by their biological parent(s), they were conceived for a reason. I understand that many people bring up the fact that unwanted pregnancies can often be a result of rape or some difficulty that endangers the mother’s life. but as difficult as it sounds, i still believe those cases occur for a reason and that God has a plan for them. if He hadn’t wanted the child to be born, no egg would have been fertilized.
    even if you do not have faith in God, in the majority of cases the mother is not going to be harmed by having the child. adoption is always an option, and if the reason behind not carrying the baby to term is simply because they do not want to deal with the responsibilities of pregnancy or the humiliation of being accidentally pregnant, is that really reason enough to justify murdering an unborn child?
    on the feminist note from above, i definitely do not agree with the “truly liberated woman” quote, and thank you Frank for reminding us that violence or any other characteristic knows no gender bounds. gender roles are what we make of them, and saying that violence is a male-only issue is certainly flawed logic. just as validating the death of an unborn child by saying that “protecting the lives of people who are already alive is a higher priority” is flawed. even if you believe that a fetus is not truly living, doesn’t that child represent another opportunity for the next Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, or Martin Luther King, Jr.? not to sound callous, but the pregnant woman has experienced life and had at least some time to contribute to society. though she may not be ready to give up her chance, is the slight possibility of her death during labor enough reason to deny the child even an opportunity to contribute? that seems selfish to me.
    i apologize if i offended anyone, but it wouldn’t change what i said.

  13. I am pro-life because the only logical time to denote when life begins, is when all the parts are present: conception. After that, it is just a matter of the home the baby lives in: womb, birth canal, outside of the mother. Once a baby exists, she is no more valuable or less valuable than anyone else. She is dependent, but so are all babies that have been birthed for a while. So killing an unborn baby, is a genocide that discriminates against the weak and small. A genocide, that since it’s legalization, has killed over 50,000,000 in the US. The equivalent of 1 in 6 people known to be living in the US today. If these babies were all MR patients, or blacks,or jews, or muslims, or women….every American would be outraged. Instead, because they are small and dependent, it is ruled ‘just and permissible’ by the government. The sad thing is, these babies are jews, women, muslims……. We are killing our own kind, the total innocents. “A person’s a person no matter how small.” We are killing people by the millions-bodies of the babies, and souls of every mother, father, friend… who suffers guilt and pain after killing their own.

  14. When my mother was pregnant with me, the doctors did tests and believed I had a 99% chance of being born with Downs Syndrome. The doctor told my mother that a child with DS would be too big of a burden and that she should just abort me. My mother and father prayed about it and decided they would love me no matter what and continued with the birth. I am 18 now and have not ever had any traces of Downs Syndrome. 99% my butt!

    1. That’s amazing Brianna, I know this is almost a year after your post but just wanted to say how glad I am that your parents listened to God and not the doctor in this case. I also had a child who the doctor said may have DS and wanted to do a test to see, I said go ahead but I’m telling you now I won’t end his life. They said he had a high chance of having DS. Nope he’s fine. I had a friend who the doctors told her she had a 99% chance that her son was going to be DS and did 3 tests on her in all tests she was told the risk was too much and was counseled to abort the baby. I told her if you have a disabled baby and you can’t take care of him then just give him up for adoption, but don’t kill your baby. Well long story short baby is now 4 years old, and a brilliant little bi-lingual going on tri-lingual young man, who has absolutely nothing wrong with him either mentally of physically. I wonder how many of these babies that were “terminated” actually would have had downs syndrome, and why should it matter? Every person I’ve known that has Downs is a beautiful, wonderful, happy person who loves their life and their friends and family more than most. God bless your parents and all those who also choose life not based on the potiential merit of the person but rather on the merit of life itself.

  15. I don’t ever remember doubting that all life is precious, from the moment of conception to natural death. Only God our Creator has the right to call us from this earth. God bless all who have not been given the right to life and all who suffer from the effects of abortion, whether they realize it or not. Let us keep them in our prayers!

  16. I’m pro-life because I am a conceived in rape abortion survivor who was also forced to abort a rape conceived child. Basically, I was conceived in rape and aborted as a result yet I survived and at the age of 19 was forced to abort a rape conceived child. As a result of my courage to speak out and put a face on the “choice” of abortion, countless hearts have been transformed, lives have been saved, and even laws changed! My life is a miracle and a true reminder to all that no matter what, God has a purpose and a plan for everyone. The gift of life is more vauled by some than others but all life is equal. When the world gives up on you, God gets glorified through you! To contact me you can go to http://www.facebook.com/InspiringSpeaker

  17. I am pro-life. Why? people ask. Simpley this. i was planned to be aborted but was put for adoption instead. I got the chance to live. Why can’t they? I could not say dont kill me i want to live. So someone else spoke for me. I would not b here now… today… to spread the message. If it wasnt for others standing up for the ones that can’t say please dont kill me. Heres a eye opener me and some friends realized while on the march for life this years in 2011. During the holocaust hitler killed all those Jews, and people supported him for it. They felt that those peoples lives were worthless. So he killed them in many torturous ways. People eventually realized Hitler was a crewl person and hateful. people now days agree he was a horrible person. Well…. think. You are killing those innocint babies. You feel there lives are worthless. You are killing them in many torturous was. You yourself are a form of hitler who you say was a horrible person. You got the chance to live. Why can’t they?

  18. I’m pro-life because my mother was “PRO-CHOICE”. She made the CHOICE to place me for adoption, rather than to abort me.

  19. I was raised to recognize children as first class citizens.”You must make yourself as a little child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

  20. I am pro-life for the obvious reasons! First off, God is pro-life; He wouldn’t create babies if He didn’t want them to have a chance at life. All children are blessings and God’s way to try and allow life to continue on. If we continue to kill these innocent babies, I don’t know how much longer God will continue to bless us with them. Most pro-choice people haven’t even experienced an abortion, so I don’t know where their opinions come from other than their ignorance. I have met many young women who have had abortions and have regretted it; I have met the ones who have had an abortion and now, because of the procedure, can never, NEVER have another child-needless to say, they are regretful even more! Babies are just that, BABIES-HUMAN BEINGS growing in their mothers womb. Only God could come up with such a beautiful plan to have babies conceived and grow in such a wonderful way and human beings are trying to make it their decision to take away that life. I can’t comprehend why people think its alright to kill such an innocent baby, one who is just waiting to grow and be born. If we continue on this path, there won’t be any babies to come into this world.

  21. I am pro-life because when I was 12 years old, my mother and I were driving down the road and we were talking about thing’s we regret and when we pulled up to a red light, my mom turned to me and told me that when she was 17, she had an abortion with my older brother. I always wanted a big brother cause I grew up with two older sister’s who always wanted me out of their business all the time. I always dreamed of having a big brother that would be the one to threaten my boyfriends, if they ever broke my heart, I always wished I had a brother who I could go fishing with and hunting with. Since I found out about my brother, my life went down hill, I started smoking, drinking and having sex…I was ONLY 12 years old! I didn’t even realize that because I always secretly empty inside because a huge part of my life, someone who should have been in my life since the day I was born; to hold me, to teach me, to just be there for me. Since the begining of this year, January 2011, I have changed a lot about myself. I’ve stopped drinking, I’ve stopped smoking, and I’m on birth-control. I am turning 16 in 10 days. A really amazing guy that has recently came into my life at the begining of the year, taught me that my brother would not want me mourning over the fact that he’s not here, and I know my brother is in heaven with God but not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could just see what he looks like. I have a stone with his name on it that a pastor gave to my parent’s, with “Revelations 2:17” on the back of the stone. In Revelations 2:17 it mainly says that, every man who can hear, every man who can see, every man who can taste, give him bread to eat and give him a stone with a name on it that only the man who recieve’s it know’s what it means. I don’t hate my mother for her choice and she beat’s herself up every day for it. My brother would be 32 next month, May. My sister and I still have a mini birthday party for him and I still talk to him as if he was sitting straight infront of me listening to every word. I know I can’t see him but I know he’ll always be listening to every word!

    1. Dear Tiffany,

      The best thing you can do for yourself and for a hurting world is to wait until marriage before you have any more sex with anyone. A child deserves to have both a mother and a father who love each other, who love the children that come from that blessed union, and who are committed to staying together for life. In that environment, the children thrive.

      Sex outside of marriage is dangerous to both partners because the risk of genital disease is great, a person can be treated like a used condom which can just be thrown away when one is finished with it, and the risk of pregnancy is still there regardless of the type of artificial contraception you use.

      Besides, birth control pills can actually result in an abortion because they will not allow the fertilized egg (which is a baby in its earliest stage of development), settle in the womb. Rather, it causes the tiny infant to be flushed out of the woman’s body.

      If a man truly loves you, he will be glad to wait. Saying no to sex before marriage is also a great way to flush out the losers. If they refuse to wait, they are not good marriage material. You may just find that you are being used to fulfill their desire for pleasure, after which they will move on to the next available woman. Ouch!

      By the by, God never makes mistakes. If He gives you a child, no matter if the child arrives through rape or incest, He has a plan for that child. He can use that child for His grater glory.

      May you have a blessed life and many children. And please forgive your mother. Many woman have abortions because they feel desperate, abandoned by the very man they thought loved them.


  22. I am prolife because I am a woman, because I care about the well being of women. I am prolife because I am a mother and I know the truth about when a life begins. I am prolife for every woman who was ever told a baby would ruin her life, for every could-have-been father who has committed suicide. I am prolife for every woman who has been raped and is filled with rage and guilt and has no one to help her. I am prolife because I am daughter born to an unwed teenage Mom who could have easily decided to destroy my life. I am prolife because I am a feminist and someone needs to stand up and protect the unborn women of our world. Someone needs to stand up and protect the women who are being lied to about what abortion means.

  23. I am pro life i am a single mother of 2 children that i dearly love and i believe that ever child has a right to live. i know what is to want a child but to have en abortion is the hardest decision in life i was forced to have en abortion about an 1 year ago it hurt so but and till this day i regret what happen and i am not going to lie i almost commit suicide. it hurt womans and hurts the body anand also kills inncent children that dont have to the fault and did not choose to be born or choose there parent, so we all shold jion forces to help stop these so called abortion and hepl save live. than you and have good day

  24. I am pro-life because I always believed a baby was special and believed life begun at conception. A baby starts out as a cell and a cell is living. After reading the book about Gianna Jessen it made my views even more pro-life. I was telling my mom about the book. I discovered during this conversation that my mother is very much pro-choice. I told her abortion was murder. She told me she had one in college. I didn’t know and still don’t know if I was embarrassed or furious.

  25. i am christian. i believe that humans have no right to take away another human life. it is not our decision to make. i believe in protecting the innocent and the people who have no voice. i see the wrongs of abortion, it is plain and clear in my mind that it is murder. it appalls me that in this country we kill murderers, serial killers, and innocent voiceless infants. it seriously makes me want to cry. the claim that aborting saves kids from suffering in life is rediculous. everyone has challenges in life, everyone. it is apart of life and is not a reason to kill them. i dont see the sense in that. this baby will live in poverty so lets kill him. no. let them live, you never know who they will grow up to be. you never know the accomplishments they will make in their life. even if they dont make any accopmlishments, we still shouldnt kill them, because they have the right to life. if we killed everyone on this planet who has challenges in their lives then no one would be left. God gives everyone challenges for a reason. i want to do whatever it takes to protect these kids and give them a chance to live. even if it means voting for a president who will raise my taxes, i dont care. it is a sacrifice that i am happy to make. human life is more valuble than money. they are humans for goodness sake. living humans!

  26. i am pro-life for multiple reasons. Although, it is apart of a womens right to decide what is best for themselves, it also not the babys fault the mother selfishly couldnt handle the situation she put herself in. I really dispise the fact that any women can care sooo much about herself and how this could effect her life in a negative way, when truley it is a miracle and a blessing. All i think about when i think, hear, or see the word abortion is digust. Pro-lofe for life <3


    1. Why are you yelling? You think you know everthing but you don’t. If God said everything happens for a reason, an aborted UNBORN fetus would not have lived for a reason. If the baby is about to be delivered in a month or two, then ya, you can’t do that but anywhere before that, ot is a part of the womans body and the woman can do whatever she wants with her body. Also, an UNBORN fetus is an UNBORN fetus. No rights are placed because they aren’t alive then. When they are delivered, they are delived. Abortion is virtually painless, bleeding and dizziness may occur and your back to normal the next day. Those who died were stupid and didn’t listen to the doctors, so they paid the price.
      Pro life has good arguments, but rights don’t apply to someone who’s not alive yet.

      1. Pro-Choice,

        First, I’d like to tell you that I truly appreciate your visiting this site and taking the time to consider a view different than your own – that is something that many in today’s culture are reluctant to do, and I am very grateful for your willingness to engage in discussion.

        Although I do not believe WhyProLife.com is affiliated with any particular religious point of view, the questions you pose do hold merit. Personally, I actually am Christian and would be happy to explain what I believe. The first point you raise actually relates to a much broader question that we all find ourselves pondering at some point in our lives – “Why do bad things happen to good people?” and similarly,” Why would God allow these bad things to happen?”

        In order to gain an understanding of this of what initially may seem to be irreconcilable, you have decided that there must be a good reason why bad things happen. In this view, an abortion must have been in the divine plan and have a deeper meaning than we can see.

        However, I would like to offer you an alternative view, which is this: God is not responsible for the evil in this world, humanity is. The responsibility to end evil lies with us.

        There is a divine plan in this world. From the very beginning, God has possessed the ability to control all of his creation and knowledge of what all his creation will do.

        However, this does not mean that he will intervene and control all of what we do. If he would, then we would be nothing more than mere puppets and life would have very little purpose.

        What defines our lives the most is not what happens to us as much as how we choose to respond to whatever it is that happens to us – whatever circumstances we face.

        As long as we live on Earth, ours will always be an imperfect existence in which we will likely encounter some form of suffering or hardship on a daily basis. Bad things will happen. As a Christian, I feel it is my duty to be a force for good on this Earth, take an active role in trying to help others, and pray that I may one day be considered worthy to enter a realm that is perfect, heaven.

        While it has never been my approach to use yelling in arguing a point as a few others in this thread have (the volume at which a statement is made cannot be thought to bear impact on its legitimacy), I can understand the sense of urgency in their statements. I will try to respond point by point to your arguments to explain why.

        You mentioned that an unborn baby is not alive. The abortion industry used to be fairly effective in persuading people that this was indeed the case – to this day, they make every effort to refer to preborn babies as mere uterine contents, products of conception, blobs of tissue, and other similar terms. Instead of letting women know that abortion ends an innocent life, they try to describe it with euphemisms, such as “terminating a pregnancy.” However, the only problem with this is that the facts tell an entirely different story.

        For example, according to a 1985 Senate report, “Physicians, biologists, and other scientists agree that conception marks the beginning of the life of a human being – a being that is alive and is a member of the human species. There is overwhelming agreement on this point in countless medical, biological, and scientific writings.”

        I would actually have to agree with the statement you made, which is that rights do not apply to a person who is not alive. However, this argument is not applicable to the discussion of the preborn, because science actually shows that preborn children are very much alive.

        There is a great deal of additional evidence I could give you that the preborn/unborn baby is human and alive –a preborn’s heart can start beating between 18-21 days after conception, development of organs begins during the fifth week of development, and the head and spinal column begin to form just a few weeks after that.

        However, all of these developmental facts are really beside the point. While they make the preborn’s personhood more apparent, the indisputable truth is that all of these preborn babies are at stages in life that is every bit as valid as any other stages in life. They may not yet be able to use their voice or be educated in the ways of the world, but they are just as alive as anyone else in the world. Whether a life is still inside the womb, several years from having been inside the womb, or many years from having been inside the womb, the individual deserves to have his or her life protected at every stage.

        You mentioned that a mother is not able to abort a child if the baby is only a month or two from its delivery date. While I wish this were true, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton actually allow a baby to be aborted at any point in the pregnancy, for any reason (or no reason). Approximately 98% of abortions may be categorized as convenience abortions, abortions due to rape are extremely rare, and (thanks to modern medicine) situations where a pregnancy must be ended to save the life of the mother are practically not existent – we have found ways to protect the mother’s well-being without endangering the life of the preborn baby.

        I believe you mentioned something along the lines of that abortion is ultimately the choice of the woman, because it is her body. In response to this, I would say that no one (neither men nor women) should have the ability to do whatever they want with their bodies. Please let me explain…

        One of the greatest minds in philosophy, J.S. Mill, published a book entitled On Liberty, in which he advocated several key principles for society. One of his key ideas is the harm principle, which holds that individuals may act as they wish, as long as these actions do not harm others. When they do, we must intervene and provide protection to whoever is the target of that harm. Also, because no one lives in isolation, even harm that is thought to be done exclusively to oneself often results in harm to others as well – immediate family members perhaps, but also the community, and we do have an obligation.

        This general philosophy might seem familiar; it underlies much of the legal framework we see in America today. We often hear the phrases “My Body, My Choice” and “Pro-Choice: the radical idea that women have control of their bodies” uttered by those who are in favor of abortion. However, what those who hold these signs don’t seem to be aware of is that the pro-life movement is not out to take away any of their rights, nor deprive them of any of their freedoms.

        All individuals, both men and women, have every right to exercise their freedom, but society always has an obligation to intervene when harm is being brought to another life. This is the case in all areas of society, not just abortion, and it holds true for men and women alike. Especially given the great damage that abortion does to women (let alone the unborn life), society has both a personal and public obligation to discourage abortion in whatever ways it can.

        This actually brings me to another argument you made – that an abortion is relatively painless for both the baby and mother and the mother can resume life as normal the very next day. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case for the mother or the preborn child being aborted.

        It has been found that a preborn baby is capable of feeling pain by as early as 8 weeks. Many abortion clinic employees have actually been shocked when they first see an ultrasound of an abortion procedure – they see babies doing everything in their power to move away from the abortion instruments, only to find nowhere escape. Despite the pro-abortion rhetoric, the reality is that abortion can be incredibly painful for the baby.

        As for the woman, her pain can come in a great variety of forms – immediate physical complications, long-term problems, and psychological/emotional trauma. The reason why these women suffer from these problems is not because they are stupid, but because the information regarding risks is suppressed, they are lied to about the facts regarding their pregnancy and the abortion procedure, and they are often pressured (nearly 2/3 of the time, according to surveys) into getting an abortion by others who do not necessarily have their best interests in mind. The list of painful consequences to abortion are far too numerous to mention here, but they include an increased risk of breast cancer, depression, an inability to have children, post-traumatic stress disorder, and various anxiety disorders to name a few. Many women also find themselves in deep emotional pain over their abortion for the rest of their lives. In fact, much of the core of the pro-life movement is post-abortive women who have learned firsthand of the hardship of abortion and have dedicated the rest of their lives to trying to prevent other women from making the same mistake.

        – Mike Y.

      2. I’m sorry, but unborn is not synonymous to “not alive.” The fetus is very much alive like you and me. It fits all the biological requirements to be considered alive. The characteristics of living organisms are as follows: Are comprised of one or more units called cells, Reproduce (sexually or asexually), Grow and develop, Obtain and use energy, Respond to their environment.

        Fetuses are comprimised of cells,
        Fetuses grow and develop,
        Fetuses obtains and use energy,
        Fetuses actually do respond to their environment.

        The only thing fetuses don’t do is reproduce. This is because it is not a fully matured human, but don’t use this against me. Can’t a child do all these things except reproduce? Isn’t a child also living? A child is in a stage of development, like the fetus, of a human. It is a living thing and a human, so it has the right to life.

    2. I have pro life since I was a teenager,but have recently done my own research on abortions and i saw that video you was talking about and i cried to see that baby in a losing battle trying to get away from that murderer!,and its mouth open screaming in pain!How can that not be murder, the mother is given medicine to ease her pain,but that baby feels every horrible minute of its life being taken away!How could a DR. live with their self knowing they are murdering a life when they are supposed to preserve life!How can a nurse stand by and assist,when you think of nurses as caring compassionate people.They won’t even let a woman see the ultrasound before the procedure because they don’t want the woman to change their mind about having the procedure.They care more about the money than about the life they are destroying!

  28. I am pro-life because I am alive. I value my life, and I am greatful that my mom decided to let me breathe. I have a disabled child who loves life and is glad he was born. I have a younger brother and an older sister who were given up for adoption and both of them are glad to be alive. My parents were poor and often relied on welfare to support me, nonetheless I am greatful that they didn’t decide to terminate me or my other siblings as I love my life and each of my siblings lives. I’m pro-life because my sister had an abortion to save a man she loved from suffering the consequences of their pregnancy as he and she were both married to different people when she became pregnant and he is in the military and if his wife or her husband pressed charges he would lose rank, pay, and possible face jail time for infidelity. Now that he is soon to be her ex-husband, I wish she would have kept that baby, and then maybe she would have been saved from years of irresponsible, self-absorbed, abusive, selfish decisions of this man by allowing him to suffer the consequences instead of making the baby pay the price :-( I am also pro life because I am not God, and no one else on this earth is either, therefore we do not get to decide when any other human being should cease to live on this earth. Only God who has infinite knowledge, forsight, and wisdom should make that choice, if Adam and Eve had known that and acted on that then we wouldn’t have people choosing to take eachother’s lives, God knows that and so do I and that is why I choose life. I don’t follow the thinking that God is responsible for death and suffering, I know that God allows us to destroy eachother and ourselves because he will not force us to make the right choices. But….. we are not God and so we cannot give eachother the right to make immoral choices.

  29. I know I am Pro-life because before I was born the doctors told my partents that I was going to have downs syndrome and since they already had three kids they might want to concider abortion. Obviously they said no… I am very glad I had the parents I did because even though life has its problems I wouldn’t give it up!

  30. I am Pro-Life because I think that no one should be able to have a choice that allows them to take the life of an innocent, defenseless person. By aborting a baby you are taking away the chance that child would have to lean to crawl, to say its letters, to know what the color yellow looks like, to even be able to laugh… You are making a decision to eradicate a beating heart, without even giving the child a chance to learn to speak, and therefore be able to defend itself. If the baby could speak, would it say “Mommy, I know I’m a burden, why don’t you get rid of me”? Never.
    That is why I am Pro-Life.

  31. Mike Y., thank you for explaining the facts calmly and clearly. Keep up the good work! :)

    The life of a human being begins at his/her conception and continues until his or her death. This is an irrefutable, scientific fact. Any arguments to the contrary are solely based in erroneous philosophies.

    “Right to choose” sounds noble on the surface, but when the life and body of another human being is at stake, “freedom to choose” is no freedom and no choice except for the one with the most power. In any other circumstances we do not grant rights based on power, such as rape. Our rights are to be protected for the very purpose of defending the weakest among us from being abused by the most powerful. “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal”, a.k.a. conceived in equality. Which means the human zygote, the human embryo, and the human fetus is supposed to be equal in the eyes of the law as the human newborn, the human infant, the human toddler, etc. In the United States of America, we are guaranteed the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness insomuch that we do not infringe upon the freedoms of others. Abortion infringes upon the very first right: Life.

    A human being is always guiltless during the prenatal stages of life, no matter the circumstances surrounding his or her conception. He or she does not deserve the death penalty for the crimes of the father (rape, incest, coercion) or the carelessness of the mother (convenience), or for any disability he or she may have (down syndrome), or for the mother’s health complications–check out this link for more info http://www.prolifephysicians.org/rarecases.htm

    Abortion survivors:
    Gianna Jessen–“There was not a radical feminist, standing up and yelling about how my rights had been violated that day. In fact my life was being snuffed out in the name of women’s rights.”
    Sarah Smith–“Let me make one thing very clear to you today – my mother’s choice was my death sentence. It is not only a woman’s body we are discussing in an abortion. It is the entire flesh and blood of someone just like me.”
    Melissa Ohden
    “I deserved better than to be aborted. My biological mother deserved better than to go through that traumatic late term abortion and now carry the secrecy and shame of it with her for the rest of her life. So many times we hear people talk about ‘choice,’ but where was my choice?”
    Claire Culwell
    “I know healing is possible and I have been given the gift of surviving an abortion so that I can tell these men and women that they are forgiven…coming from an aborted child, I hope they know the power of forgiveness and healing through meeting me… I was born 2 1/2 months early, weighed 3 lbs 2 oz, had dislocated hips and club feet. I had to wear casts on my feet, a harness and eventually a body cast. The abortion still affects me today. All that to say, LIFE IS STILL WORTH IT.”

    Abortion is the biggest blight on my gender (women) and because each of us has been a fetus, it is the most discriminating, hypocritical act in our known history.

    That is why I am 100% Pro Life.

  32. I am prolife. Biology shows why.

    A fetus and its mother engage a specific type of symbiosis called commenalism. This means that one organism in the pair is helped while the other is neither helped nor hurt. The fetus is helped in this relationship while the mother is neither helped nor hurt. A parallel is the bacterium in the human digestive tract. These bacterium are fed and have a nice warm, moist habitat to live in (helped), while the human it inhabits is not effected. These bacterium are not part of the body. They are individual organisms that inhabit the body. The fetus, just like those bacterium, does not belong to the mother’s body and just inhabits the body. Once the human fetus reaches a certain maturity, it is able to leave the body and live independently. Also, the “fetus” is just a stage in human development. The stages are as follows: zygote, fetus, infant, child, adolescent, adult. Every human goes through the same stages. The zygote and fetus are no less important to the development stage as the child or adolescent.

    This is the biology of reproduction. That is why I am prolife.

  33. I’m pro-life. I knew right away when I got pregnant that I wanted to keep this baby. It seemed to me that everyone else thought otherwise. It made me so angry that they call themselves “pro choice” when the only option that they approved of was abortion. Well my husband and his mom wanted me to keep our beautiful baby boy and gave me LOVE and SUPPORT while my family left me in tears. MY OWN FAMILY. It’s not about woman having rights over their own body or not. They have and always will have a right to that, but it’s the other life. The one who is being forgotten and silenced. The HUMAN being who can’t speak for itself. IT’S HYPOCRITICAL. We are taught to deal with our mistakes. Abortion is taking the easy way out. believe it or not, abortion is not an easy thing for the woman after the matter. I’m proud of my decision. I was made to mother my baby boy. And I cringe at the thought that someone could even think to terminate my son. That and so many more reasons is why i’m pro life

  34. I am pro-life because I believe that all life is a gift. I had my “choice” taken away from me when my last baby died at only 10 weeks along. You can dress up the words any way you want, but abortion is murder, you are killing a precious little child.
    I still remember laying in the ER watching my tiny baby’s heartbeat falter on the ultrasound, I watched the heartbeat drop from 100 beats per minute to only 77, then down to 60 before I couldn’t watch any more. My precious baby died right there inside me while I watched on a computer screen and there was nothing anyone could do.
    That was almost a year ago, but the pain remains. I have emotional and physical scars from the abortion surgery I had to have. They now aren’t sure if I can carry a pregnancy to term at all because of the scarring.
    Anyone who gets pregnant should get down on their knees and thank God for the miracle of life.

  35. I am pro-life because abortion murders innocent defenseless human beings. Mothers actually feel that they have no choice and suffer greatly from abortions. Fathers are deprived of fatherhood and usually aren’t given a choice. God is the author of all life from the moment of conception to natural death. One can say that they are pro-choice when in actuality there in no choice. Not for baby, mother or father. Amen

  36. I am pro choice, which means just that pro choice, not pro abortion. As a registered nurse who worked in a day when abortion was “supposedly illegal” I saw first hand what happened. Wealthy women always had the choice to terminate a pregnancy due to rape, incest, ill health or the inability to raise a child due to age, too many children, because X-rays, and they did X-rays not U/S on women with problem pregnancies in those days determined that the fetus had severe anomalies, or the woman’s emotional instability. However, if a woman was poor or middle class she may not know a supportive physician or have the funds to go through the many hoops to obtain an abortion. Thus, we saw women who died or nearly died due to having abortions done by unskilled practitioners. We cannot go back to those days. Some people today in the Republican party are railing against contraception. If you are truly against abortion at least have the common sense to support contraception.
    I have seen many women who have had abortions and the only women who have PTSD are women who have been castigated and made to feel guilty due to the decision that they made. Some had first been seen at “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” which only gave advise on adoption or keeping the child after his or her birth. None of the women to whom I spoke had abortions without prayful, deep thought and never did they come to this decision lightly or take lightly their decision. However, if counseled by knowledgeable personnel came to realize that this was truly a good decision for them.
    Abortion may not be the right decision for everyone, but do not say that abortions should be outlawed, because that will not happen. Women who are determined to terminate will terminate. Do not add more pain to a difficult decision.

  37. No. No, I don’t think you understand. I’m pro-life, as in pro people who are alive without being attached to another being. Abortion is a personal choice; contraception is a personal choice; I never want either choice taken from me, or YOU.
    Having an abortion doesn’t make a person evil or irresponsible, though I do consider having an unwanted child forced upon any person pretty irresponsible. Oh, did I hear someone say adoption? There are thousands of children waiting to be adopted! They’re not cute, little mold-able babies, though, now are they? People will step on their momma for a pretty, little white infant in this country, but after oh, about 4 years? The numbers drop pretty precipitously.
    You want to end abortion in this country? Start with you and your family. Stop being afraid of sex! Learn all about it, then teach your sons and daughters the FACTS. Stop de-funding sex education, for those souls that aren’t brave enough to teach their children, or just don’t have the facts. Teach your children that though you may not support their choices that you will always support THEM; that they don’t need to hide, if they find themselves in a position where they find themselves having to face making a choice. Your daughter is not a whore, is she? She’s not a murderer. She is not evil! But, she may feel the need to hide a really big secret from you, if you tell her all her life that she is worthless if she does not meet your moral expectations. If she does not know how to properly prevent pregnancy, because all she knows is abstinence, but her boyfriend is pretty persuasive and she’s kind of curious…things are going to happen.
    Teach your children to love themselves! Many young people are looking for approval and acceptance than love when they choose to have sex. Teach your sons to respect the burden a girl bears if she sleeps with him. Teach your daughters that she doesn’t owe it to him for taking her out, or being nice to her.
    Teach your children that masturbation is healthy and natural! In fact, perhaps those of you who have boys might want to consider giving their young men condoms–hear me out! I’m not even talking about encouraging them to have sex, but more to get used to the feeling of sexual arousal with a condom. Get it into their minds that sex feels good, even with latex. This is your chance to be the coolest dad, ever. You care enough about your son that you can treat him like a man. (Perhaps you can save a little laundry, too? Just sayin’.) Girls like the rub, too! It’s excellent stress relief, costs nothing and is harmless. Girls who know how to get themselves off suffer less neurosis when they are sexually active. They know how they like to be touched. They appreciate sex for the pleasure of sex. There’s less shame, guilt and remorse. They’re better lovers, simply because the sex is enjoyable and not filled with head-trips. They are less likely to feel like an object, to be used. They, sons and daughters, are more likely to be sexually confident adults. Now that’s a gift worth giving!
    I’m not saying I like the idea of abortion, but I like the idea of keeping mothers, daughters and friends healthy and safe; I demand reproductive rights, including the right to not reproduce. These women should not have their motives questioned, because it’s their bodies and their lives and frankly, none of my business. They ought not be shamed or harassed. It is their path in life, and not anyone else’s. I will defend them, because I hope that they would to do the same for me. If you must do something for these women, pray for them, they could probably use it, as well as the rest of us.
    Late term abortion: abortion becomes more of a procedure the longer we wait. Truth is, most doctors could perform an early abortion in the time it takes to get treatment for an ear infection. Women could work with their doctors on the cost of an early abortion, rather than being forced to wait, then to be gouged. The women would not be subject to heavy bleeding or cramping. They would not need to have their privacy invaded by a picket line. If we are educated enough to realize when we may be pregnant, if we have an office within our logistical reach, if we aren’t caught up in red tape, if our doctors would be willing to perform the service, without shunning us to the clinics that specialize because they don’t want to become targets…perhaps we could avoid the bulk of procedures that get pretty gruesome, the ones on picketer’s signs, which are relatively, already, a small percentage of abortions performed.
    Be conscious of these rights. Be conscious of ALL your rights, because they seem to need watching in these times. Don’t let our rights be nickel-and-dimed away from us, because it offends your personal sensibilities; because if we tell them they can have one right, chances are good that they’ll be looking for more in short order. Keep the need for abortion low by being the best and most educated human that you can, in the circles you influence. Love people even when you hate their actions. (Like Jesus, if you prefer.) If you must, pray for those who you cannot influence, directly. But, don’t make choices for all, and for the sake of all that is good in the world, stop harassing, threatening and hurting doctors! If you don’t think God dislikes people who kill babies, imagine how irritated he is by people who would snuff out a life with the brains to get through medical school, who have families, friends, responsibilities and unique talents. They’re somebody’s baby, too.

    1. Nadine,
      How can you tell a general audience that their daughters are not whores, nor murderers, nor are they evil? Plenty of people in the world have daughters that are all three of those things. What you wrote is a whole lot of nonsense.

  38. I just know that life begins at conception. The person that replied above this box said, “Having an abortion doesn’t make a person evil or irresponsible, though I do consider having an unwanted child forced upon any person pretty irresponsible. ” And that’s ALL wrong. The choice is whether to have sex or NOT. The choice isn’t whether to kill the CHILD that YOU conceived because of the CHOICE that you made to have sex! Life is NOT a choice. AGAIN, having sex is the choice. We are given the greatest gift and power of THINKING and choosing our actions, God ensured that. Having sex is NOT a do or die act for humans, regardless of what the media might try to make you think. It’s barbaric and uninformed to say life is a choice! If I choose to drink and drive and end up killing someone on the road the choice BEGAN when I decided to drink then get in the car. It is not my right to take someone else’s life because I CHOOSE to have fun. Ugh! The person ahead of me on this really ticked me off! I was trying to keep this calm.

    OK, back to my calmness, I have always been pro-life. I became even more so after my first child and I saw her sweet little heart beating at 8 wks and then got to hear it. WOW! Amazing. Then with my son, my next child they said that I might not get to see anything because I was only 6 weeks when I went to the hospital thinking I was losing him already. But there he was! I got to see his little heart at 6 weeks! The same was true for my next two. What shattered me was seeing my last one (that I call Jakob) at 8 weeks doing fine then going back at 12 weeks and seeing him still and lifeless. Ugh! The pain that followed was indescribably. One moment his heart is beating wildly…the next he’s gone. After I lost him and had to have a D&C it was a nightmare. They I laid, preparing for the doctor to take out my tiny baby …. I ended up back in the hospital twice after that, once after passing out on my living room floor bleeding to death. This D & C was because of miscarriage, I can’t even imagine having one to kill my child. Horrible.
    I feel sorry for people that don’t view life as a miracle and gift. I don’t condemn them, just feel painfully sorry for them.

  39. I believe that life begins at the time of conception. Furthermore, I can’t imagine how anyone can believe that it begins later.
    Note: While I attended college in the 1970s, there were several female students, who were unaware of by being what is now called “pro-life”, tell me that it is good abortion was made legal. Each time, I said something like “I think that all married couples with a baby under seven months of age should be allowed to kill the baby.” One female student said “I agree” and the topic was changed. Each of the others stared at me. “If a baby is killed seven months after being removed from the womb of the mother or a baby is killed seven months before being removed from the womb of the mother, what’s the difference?” Over one-third left me without responding. Over one-third responded “I never thought about it that away.”

  40. I’ve seen an abortionist say that no thoughtful person can dismiss the idea thatthere is a mini person in that uterus. They are saying it’s okay to kill it. Murder is murder. Abortion and murder go hand in hand. I’m not even a teenager yet, and I know that abortion is murder and messes up your life big time later on. No, I did NOT get an abortion. The aborted baby parts will some times go for sale on the black market and are turned into Asian sex appeal enhancers. It’s sad. Dont get an abortion. It’s murder dressed up as a “choice”.

  41. I am pro life because I gave had an abortion. Pro choice can say what they like but until you have been there you cannot understand the implications until it happens. It is NOT a bunch of cells, it is NOT a simple pill , It is NOT something you get over.
    Me, like many other women who terminate live with the trauma. We still live the guilt, the grieving and the shame. I did not terminate because I did not want my baby, I did so because the “father” demanded, bullyed and forced it to happen. People I beg you, save babies lives by making the dead beat dads in this world take responsibility and stop pudhing everything on these girls. I still pray every day for the lords forgiveness, I doulbt my ex does he same. x

  42. I m 12 but I know I am pro-life. If you get an abortion you are murdering an innocent person. People go to jail everyday because of murder and people that get abortions don’t. If you have had an abortion you are a murderer. I’m sorry of I offended anyone it is just my personal opinion. Pro-choice people go read a bible it clearly states “THOU SHALT NOT MURDER”. I don’t get how you can live with yourselfs.

  43. Why am I Pro Life? I’m not, and here’s why. The people that are ACTUALLY uneducated about this topic are not women who have chosen abortion, it is Pro Lifers. I was Pro Life until I got pregnant at 17 years old. The thought of abortion made me physically ill until the day it became my reality. If you have never been pregnant, 17, broke but not broke enough for federal help, and had a father that would literally beat you for being pregnant in the first place, you keep your mouth shut. I do believe that the child’s life begins at conception. However, I also believe that the choice that I made is between me, my child, and my higher power. I was pregnant, making me a mother. I had to make the best choice I could for that child and myself which is exactly what I did. The thing about us Pro Choice advocates that you don’t seem to understand is this; we aren’t ANTI you guys, we’re PRO whatever you believe in. You wouldn’t choose abortion? Fantastic! I did, and that should be fine too. I guess what I’m trying to say is quit fighting the system when there is no system to fight, man. Pro Choice advocates don’t like you guys because you are trying to take away our right to do what we believe is best for our children. Not to mention the freaks that stood outside of my clinic SCREAMING at me about how I was a sinner and how God doesn’t love me. We’re not fighting your right to not have an abortion, we’re fighting for our right to choose. Don’t want one? Don’t have one. Problem solved.
    “Don’t judge a man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.”

    P.S. Half the facts on this site are inaccurate and the arguments and statements ignorant. Maybe work on that.

    1. Hi Molly,
      I am so sorry that you were alone during a moment when you needed support the most, and especially from your father. I apologize for the people that screamed at you, judged you and dare to say that God does not love you. I am deeply sorry. If it were in my power to correct this terrible absence of love toward you, I would because each of us and you too are a truly lovable treasure and I will never dare to judge you or any woman who is experiencing a situation like yours. You should have been loved and given the support you needed. I have a daughter and I will make sure that she understands that she can count on our love and support, no matter how difficult the problem is.
      Take care,

    2. Could you please list the facts that are inaccurate? I really want to know. Also, how is your having an abortion between you and your baby? I don’t think the baby had ANY say in it! I have never met a little kid who said, “I wish my mother would have aborted me!” Most every child I ever meet is exited about life! Even those that are from abusive situations find strength and courage to live!!! I think you’re missing the point of this website. And NEVER saw ANYWHERE on here that was hateful, or unloving!!!!

  44. So because you f ed up you feel that you have a right to deny that child a life and make other girls and women look like a piece of meat in the eyes of society?!
    I’m a pro-life feminist and I’ll tell you why I’m pro-life!
    My mother was a strong woman who managed to raise us by herself but before she found the strength to do so she was forced into multiple abortion by my abusive father. She remembered crying in the clinic before and after the abortion and NO ONE would feel sorry for her because abortion is casual and considered “normal”.
    Last baby she was forced to abort was my older brother to whom I owe my life to. She was 39, broke with 2 kids who already were witnessing her being abused by my father. She had him aborted at 23 weeks and that almost sent her into mental institution. To the day she died she remembered his half way closed blue eyes, his little hands and feet, his little face!
    At 40 years old she got pregnant on purpose as she understood that if she won’t be able to compensate for the lost child she would go crazy. Even pregnant with me she was told by my father to move heavy furniture so she would have a miscarriage.
    Did abortion solve her problem? Absolutely not! It prolonged abuse of my mother and her living and unborn children.
    Another reason I’m pro-life is because of women like Amilia Taylor’s mother who was almost dying fevering in the hospital, lying about her daughter’s gestational age just so doctors won’t leave her to die as an early preemie. Why? Because pro-choicers insist that a fetus is a parasite nothing more. So early preemies like Amilia don’t hold any value in doctor’s eyes and often left to die without much attempts to resuscitate them!
    Your views as a pro-choicer affect other women and their children’s rights and that is not fair! Why your rights should be more valuable then rights of my mother or women like Sonya Taylor!!!
    Also you are asking not to fight the system that made abortions legal back in 1973 when there was only an outdated equipment which couldn’t show women their unborn children, couldn’t show child covering his ears scared of the noise of an ultrasound(for fetuses ultrasound that we can’t hear makes noise equal to a helicopter hovering over a house), suckle, move away from the light if one would put a flashlight against mother’s stomach.
    Now that people CAN SEE all that, they demand change to a broken system and fighting for the rights of those who got not voice is the most honorable thing to do! You should reconsider your views, just because you had an abortion doesn’t mean you should promote one!
    P.S. You haven’t mentioned a word about a child you got rid of. Do you think he/she was scared, you think he/she felt pain or it is more convenient for you to think that fetus is a parasite who feels nothing?!?!
    You are asking people to walk in your shoes but how strange that you weren’t afraid of your father enough not to have unprotected sex yet enough not to keep a child?!? I believe “convenience” and “irresponsibility” were most likely the shoes you were wearing!!!

    1. I’m sorry, but the statement “abortion should be illegal” does not follow from the fact that abortion did not help your mother free herself from your father’s abuse. Nor does it follow from the fact that some women lie about the age of their child in an effort to get the child to be considered viable.

      Third, the point of the debate is to determine if the unborn possess rights, so claiming that asserting pro-choice views is unfair because those views affect children’s rights is rather circular.

      Finally, the fact that the unborn can respond to external stimuli is not a very good argument: all life does it to some extent. This appears to be more of an emotional appeal.

      I suppose what I am saying is: perhaps you should reconsider your views as well.

  45. I used to be pro-life. I was convinced that life began at conception and that fact settled the issue.

    But I believe I was wrong. Life does not begin at conception; rather, it likely began only once, a few billion years ago.

    Further, I do not believe that humans can limit the number of pregnancies to a level that equals the number of deaths. Ultimately, this means that, without abortion, the death rate will ultimately increase (the two must be equal in time, as the world is finite). I simply cannot tolerate trading mature human beings (and all that such a characterization entails, i.e. consciousness, intelligence, interests, feelings, etc.) for an undeveloped human being without those characteristics. Thus, I see abortion as a necessary evil.

    As an aside: I came here not to antagonize, but to familiarize myself with opposing arguments in an attempt to critically assess my position. If you see a flaw in my thinking, please, go ahead and point it out.

    1. I believe you are deceived. First of all, there is NO evidence of the earth being “billions” of years old. Look up creation science. Also, you should go to the video section of this website. There are some very informative videos with statistics that do not coincide with yours. And also, who are “you” to say that even a zygote doesn’t “feel!?!”

  46. I am an ordained Christian minister and chaplain, and therefore my frame of reference is
    Christian. Every person is a beloved Child of God, created in God’s image and deserves a
    chance at life. Everyone has the right to the chance at life. This right is given by God and protected by the US Constitution. Roe vs Wade was a blatant violation of these protections and must be repealed at the national, state and local levels. In addition, I am saddened when I hear Christian clergy state that they don’t know when life begins or when the soul enters the body. I have heard many also state that they don’t know when a fetus becomes human and discount Scriptural proof that the fetus is human upon conception. I am also saddened when I read that many Christian clergy are actively working for the pro-abortion cause, citing women’s health, women’s rights, and discounting the sad consequences of abortion (including but not limited to the death of the child, physical harm to the mother, and emotional harm to the mother and the father). Planned Parenthood’s “40 Days of Prayer,” the rebuttal against the 40 Days of Prayer for Life bothers me because I feel it is sick and twisted and makes a mockery of pregnancy and true family planning. I am also troubled that Planned Parenthood
    targets areas where the majority of the population are economically poor and/or Black and Hispanic. It troubles me that in many areas, the abortion rate of minority babies is as high or higher than the birthrate.

    In addition, although I believe there is Biblical precedent for capital punishment for convicted criminals, I believe this should be handled very carefully and great care and discernment should be taken to determine, within the best of the legal team’s wisdom (lawyers, judges, and other officials), that the punishment is determined to be the best course to take. It should not be used lightly and the burden of proof to the criminal’s guilt, inability for change, and for the protection of the public and victim should be very high. I would rather 10 criminals go free than 1 innocent person be wrongly executed.

    Although I believe everyone has the right to die as pain-free as possible, which is why I have experience in hospice and palliative care, I do not believe one has the right to take someone else’s life. Therefore, I am very opposed to assisted suicide and euthanasia. In addition, disabilities are no reason to take someone’s life through abortion or euthanasia as people with disabilities have the capacity for love and to make this world a better place. They have just as much right to life as someone without disabilities does.

  47. Why I Am Prolife
    Nearly 100 years ago my great grandma Silvia went to a doctor to have an illegal abortion. The abortion didn’t work. She went back to demand a second abortion but the doctor replied, ” If the baby survived the abortion it was ment live.” That baby was my grandma Gladys. Silvia continued to use abortion as birth control even after the death of her youngest child Frances. She only stopped after botched abortion caused her to nearly bleed to death. Sylvia never did learn.
    Years passed and my grandma Gladys had children, her fourth was dropped by a nurse in the hospital and was brain damaged. When Gladys became pregnant again Silvia and some friends tried to pressure Gladys to illegally abort the baby the baby using the same doctor that had aborted her. Marital problems and and her mothers pressure drove her into a deep depression and she tried to commit suicide by overdose. Luckily both she and the baby survived. Gladys always believed she was the only abortion survivor and it made her feel alone. She protested abortion by making beautiful baby afghans. She once told me she only knew of two children she had knitted afghans for that had died. One was her daughter inlaws friends unborn baby and one was my foster nephew who drowned when he was eight.
    When I was nineteen I became pregnant. I didn’t know if it was my boyfriends or a result of rape. I went to a college councilor for help. The councilor proceeded to try to coerse me into having an abortion. She told my parents had brainwashed me and proceeded to use several methods of manipulation. I had heard that Planned Parenthood used these methods, but at the time I thought those stories were exaggerated. Had I not already decided not to abort I might have fallen for it. I went to another college counsilor that told me to go to the Care Center a branch of Care Net. There I got the love and support I needed, they shared Gods love and forgivness and the horrors of abortion. After I told my boyfriend I was pregnant he took me to the Olympia Planned Parenthood. I thought he knew Planned Parenthood did abortions so I was furious. I told the receptionist that I didn’t want an abortion so she asked us to leave. In the end I kept my baby and my grandma knit her a beautiful pink afghan. Grandma Gladys told me she knit her prayers into it. Today that beautiful baby is almost eighteen she is an honor student and most importantly she knows the truth about abortion and will never have one.
    Last year I became pregnant with my fifth child. During my third month the my doctor told me I miscarried and the test had confirmed that my baby was dead. I could see the pain in my doctors eyes, he was crest fallen too. We sent my children to visit my parents so we could mourn. In my greif I begged God for a miracle. I wanted to my baby to live even though I knew the prayers were silly, those prayers hadn’t worked when my nephew died or when my fiance died. I went for an ultrasound to check for any remaining tissue. When I looked on the screen I saw Gods miracle wiggling and very much alive. When I saw my doctor he said with tears of joy in his eyes that he had never seen anything like this before. Today my answered prayer is about three months old and he is perfect. In the days I thought I lost him I got a glimps of what women that are coersed and tricked into abortion must feel. We live in a world where the unborn are tortured to death and women suffer the repercussions of abortion infertility, postabortion depression, breast cancer and sometimes even death.

  48. I am actually not pro-life, but many would say I am. I am deathly afraid of gong to Hell and especially since Jehovah has the power and authority to make it happen. I am anti-murder, by which I hope to indicate my foundational position. Jehovah says: “DO NOT MURDER”. AMEN. This separates me from atheists, evolutionists, humanists and the pantheists who might believe in reincarnation.

  49. I am pro-life because I believe no one, man or woman, has the right to end another’s life (unless, maybe, doing so would save the mother’s life). I believe, as a Christian, that all humans, from the moment of conception, are persons made in the image of God and have a right to life. I believe that men are equally responsible, with women, for the lives they have helped bring into being.

  50. It’s pretty obvious that illegalising abortion doesn’t work, so let’s not go down that road again. Nevertheless, I find abortion disgusting. Unless they were going to suffer and die anyway, I would never give up on my child like that, not even if I was raped, homeless, broke, single, alone and on the run from the cops. There is always a better alternative.

    The problem I have with most Pro-Lifers is that they’re ignorant, argumentatitve and only care about forcing others to conform to their world view. I’m not religious, but what do you think Jesus would do? Would he stand outside the clinic with a picket sign? Or would he welcome those women into his flock so they don’t have to resort to getting an abortion? Perhaps if all these wealthy Televangelists started a charity instead of hypocritically condemning everybody, the world might be a better place and everybody would win.

    1. Jack,

      I appreciate your calm approach and agree that simply being argumentative is counterproductive in this case. I am, however, pro-life and therefore disagree with some of your points. Your first statement is actually where I want to start.
      Consider for a moment what the argument you are making asserts: because making something that is illegal does not stop the action, it should be legal. I cannot see how this is a valid way of arguing for the following reason… just because the law cannot stop all cases of bank robbery, we do not make the robbing of banks legal so that we can make it safe for the villain. In the same way, why would we make abortion legal in order to prevent unsafe abortions? Also recognize that if abortion is made illegal, that would not force women to have unsafe abortions (just like it would not force villains to preform unsafe robberies)… women would choose to have unsafe abortions (in the same way the robber chooses).

      Secondly, I would address the claim that we as pro-lifers are trying to force people to conform to our worldview. I see my acts as a pro-lifer being nothing of the sort. For example:
      If a women wanted to kill her 2 year old girl in the name of “a women’s right to choose and a women’s right to privacy”, both of us would contend that her action would be morally wrong regardless of our different worldviews. Simply put, it doesn’t matter what you believe, murdering a 2 year old girl because you feel like it is wrong!

      Now I want you to consider an objection to that point. What if I said “You just want to force your morality on that mother so that she conforms to your worldview! So what if she wants to kill her child? It is her choice and you have no right to impose your morality on her.”? I think you would check me in to the nearest mental institute so that I could get some help!

      However, what difference would there be between the unborn child, and the child that is born? From a scientific standpoint, the undisputed facts are as follows: from the earliest stages of development, the unborn are distinct, living, whole human beings. Furthermore, it is seen from a philosophical viewpoint that there is no relevant difference between the embryo you once were and the adult you are today, such that those changes would justify killing you at that earlier stage of development. Differences of size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependence are not good reasons for saying that you had no right to life in the womb, but you do now. To sum it up then, is to say that if you are valuable today, what would prevent you from being valuable back as an embryo (recall that the four differences listed above do not constitute a good reason)?

      I hope this helps to clarify the notion that pro-lifers are simply ignorant and argumentative. In fact, the informed pro-life advocate is on the side of science and good philosophy, clearly not ignorant. Though I cannot make up for the past encounters you have had with these types of people, I hope this reply shows you the reasoning behind the pro-life view.

  51. Why am I pro-life? Because I’m one of those people that just might need to get an abortion someday.

    I have a medical condition that severely limits what stresses my body can take. If I were to get pregnant now, it could very well make me extremely ill, putting not only my life at risk, but also the child’s. Too much stress on the mother = too much stress on the baby, both of which are equally harmful. Also, what about an ectopic pregnancy? A pregnancy which, if left unaborted, would kill the mother, and therefore, the child as well.

    I’m not saying let’s open an abortion clinic in every Walgreens in America. I’m saying, let it be an option. If you get knocked up and just don’t want to deal with a pregnancy because you can’t drink for 9 months? No, you should not be allowed to get an abortion. You don’t want to go through the pregnancy because you can’t provide for a baby? Then put that baby up for adoption! My mother is such as case. Her biological mother was just 16 when she gave birth, but she gave her baby up for adoption, and now she’s a college professor helping the incoming wave of medical professionals.

    Adoption should be left for medical cases, in which the mother’s life is at risk and the baby isn’t far enough along in the pregnancy to survive. It’s a larger picture. How would you feel if you’re doctor stood helplessly by because the procedure to save your life was illegal?

    1. Ectopic pregnancies are not considered abortion. I had one. And while I grieved the loss of my baby, it was a FACT that I would die if the pregnancy continued. I WANTED to have that child!!!!

  52. Why am I pro-life? That is simple. I am NOT pro-death!(By the way, God is pro-life and pro-choice! He sets before us LIFE and DEATH (for ourselves) and then implores us to choose life! He commands us not to shed innocent blood, and if you could tell my blood type from seven weeks after conception, abortion would have shed mine and my mother’s blood! Some people advocate “Quality of life”. I do too, but I need to have life before I can enjoy quality of life! Check out David Pelzer who suffered at the hands of his mother (I mean REALLY SUFFERED) yet today is a motivational speaker. Mother, you did not, could not create the life that grew inside you! This quickening you feel, even in the denial of it, in a crisis pregnancy, is a sign of life, a gift from God to the earth. I thank God and your mother that you were born. Can you imagine what life would be like if we all made a ‘choice’ to end the lives of all our children? I am pro-life because each of us is a unique representation of God in the earth…never has been before, never will be again, not one in a million but one of a kind. I am pro-life because in the death of one child there is the death of a whole bloodline, generations die, and mothers lose the joy of nurturing, caring, and all that goes with mothering. I have seen mothers – no more mothers, children dead – pained, after the fact, with a hurt that no-one but Jesus Christ can fix! I have seen sexual dysfunction at work as a woman purues her mate for sex around the clock, with a need to become pregnant again, to ‘get back’ the aborted child…and crying as each month’s cycle begins. I have seen women whose lives have changed drastically after an abortion: no zest for life, angry, depressed, refusing to take basic care of self , their environment, or their living children. I have seen enough hurting women and families to know that a choice for abortion is a bad choice – even in cases of rape/incest. My friend shared her story of forgetting she had had an abortio as a teen…until the Lord called her to accountability. She denied his allegations about her in connection to an abortion, until he took her down memory lane to bring her healing. Her abortion experience was so traumatic that her brain locked it in a dark box and stowed it away! Sixteen years after an abortion, she wakes up to her reality! Now she is married, having difficulty having children, and needing to tell her husband about this stashed record! Abortion affects families, ebven the men who were not the fathers of the dead babies… and it affects the latter too. I have seen men hurting about their dead children. one man names his 6 dead babies and tells you how old they would now be, that he has nightmares about them. He still can’t understand why they are dead. Poet Laureate, Gwendoly Brooks, claims abortion does not make you forget! The reality is that every woman who has had an abortion, will one day remember it with regret – even to the day she dies. The guilt of knowing she ended her child’s life can only be relieved by admitting to herself, and to God, that indeed, this was her child, and she decided – under whatever constraints – to end that life. Healing begins with admitting one’s ‘missing the mark’, and asking pardon from the One who gives life, and who claims, and rightly so, to be the “Father of the spirits of all mankind”. I am pro-life because without life none of us could enjoy life…moreover, Jesus Christ of Nazareth came that we might have life and have it more abundantly! I am so glad to be alive, despite the hardships that I have encountered! May it be that my life is a blessing to someone else!

  53. My parents impressed on my mind that human life was sacred and that abortion was murder and a violation of God’s Commandments.

    Take a look at you child or grandchild!!.. look at their face and into their eyes!!!!
    Now imagine that they were concidered a mistake and aborted!!
    It’s unthinkable…
    FACT…………”Killing someone is Murder ~~~~~Murder is Illegal”………. Period…….
    Mothers are supposed to “LOVE” their children not kill them!!

    I believe in Education, Contraception and ultimately… Responsiblity!!!
    These imprudent, reckless woman need to be held accountable somehow….

    On second thought….. Who’s gonna raise of all these unwanted newborns??? Hmmm????
    I really would appreciate any answers to that question…….
    Some of the most beautiful things come from mistakes!!!

    1. That’s one of the “lies” that the pro abortion industries feeds. “The unwanted child.” That’s a CROCK! There are so many MORE couples waiting to adopt, than there are babies,(due to abortion being legal!) There are NO unwanted babies!!!!!!!!! Just selfish, self-centered people who only think of themselves and the mess they got themselves into and how they can “fix it” fast. Problem is abortion will NOT fix it! It will only cause worse consequences. With physical and mental problems for the mother. Not to mention the other family members who will be grieving this tragic loss! It’s NOT the babies fault! You should really read around on this website to find all the statistics!

  55. I agree with Lauren. The Bible plainly states that thou shall not kill………… abortion is the same thing as murder. It’s terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get aver yourselves and do something to help a poor helpless child. Babies do have a seat at the table! Don’t forget that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. The Law as given states that thou shall not murder,it is murder not kill.If we are to obey the Law murder is murder no matter where ,how ,or any other reason.Let me present a case that the female is removed from the equation as existing today. A company has developed an artifical womb,the company has lawfull purchased an egg and semen .Using existing methods the egg is fertilised and placed is placed in the artifical womb .After some peroid of time there is conduct that destroy the contents of the artifical womb ,do we have property or peerson hood being destroyed

  57. I am pro life, because I can not stand injustice done, especially to the innocent and helpless like children, unborn babies, elderly, and animals. We were all unborn children at some point as Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We all could have be aborted, but we are here now, because someone gave us this chance to be born. We should place ourselves in the unborn babies’ position and let them live and grow. I now know there is no reason for abortion to exist, because God helped me to see things clearly and I see the lies that the Devil feeds to the world. I guess, I am a pro-life freak, because I am against anything that will kill a human and an animal life. Some people think I am crazy, but that is fine. I pray that all those pro choice people become pro-life. There is enough indifference and coldness in this world toward the value of life, and the ignorance is on the pro choice side. That is the worldly way of things and I am sick of it. I don’t want to sit back and be indifferent and silent. Pro choice people, please watch the ‘The Silent Scream’ and also pray to God that abortion ends. Open your eyes and your heart just like Jesus said in the ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ movie. Jesus is so cool!! God Bless everyone!!!:)

  58. Why am i pro-life ? well i’m not. in fact being pro-life is one of the stupidest things i have ever heard. obviously there are reasons for having abortions. i would like to share a story with you. my friend was a mail order bride from some third world country and she was married to an abusive husband. she met someone who she fell in love with and they started secretly dating. after a while she became pregnant and if her husband found out she would be killed so she begged her friend to drive her to get an abortion. an abortion saved her life and she went on to divorce her abusive husband and marry the man she truly loved. there should always be a choice.

  59. I find it almost laughable that women who are pro-abortion are as bad or worse than the men they claim abused them. The women’s movement was initially formed to give men “equality” with men. Many women claimed they could do a better job of creating a more just and peaceful society because men are such louts and abusers, and we all “know” how much men love war. They also abuse their wives, daughters and girlfriends. So one would assume that when women acquired the power they so passionately craved for that the world would be a more harmonius place to live in. In reality, it isn’t. Some men still abuse their wives, daughters and girlfriends. However, the vast majority of men do not, and have never abused women. So I will use a “pro-choice” argument against pro-choice women: I’m sure you’ve heard many pro-choice women yell at pro-lifers, “If you don’t want an abortion, don’t get one!”. As if that settled the argument. But let me elaborate by saying… “Personally, I don’t beat my wife. But mind you, who am I to tell the man down the street that he cannot beat his? After all… a woman IS a man’s property, isn’t she!” Both arguments fail to acknowledge that the victim, either the baby in the one case or the woman in the other, are being victimized. So pro-choicers cannot use their argument unless they also embrace the argument that they, like their unborn child, are property to be disposed of at will. All other arguments aside, one cannot argue that one human being is someone’s property while another human being is not. We are either free individuals or slaves, whether we reside in the womb or are already born. An unborn baby can no more rightfully be a slave to its mother than a woman can be a slave to a man. So tell me… at what price have women attained their freedom from men? The answer is, at the expense of their unborn children. Women have not made the world a better place by advocating abortion. They have prostituted themselves and embraced the same debauchery they accused men of. Should a man like me respect a woman who chooses to have her baby murdered, all the while condemning me for being a heartless, debased man? I don’t think so. So the “equality” that women claimed to want was not really based on a better society and world, but on the same basis as they accused men of… treating women as less than human. In reality, women have debased our society with abortion, and aided those men who are abusers of women by allowing those men to continue in their irresponsible and abusive nature. You’ve come a long way (down), baby.

  60. I am pro-life because I start to cry at the loss of human life. (No valid source has said the fetus isn’t human.) I also cry when mothers say they didn’t really have a choice. That means that either they didn’t look for those of us that would help them through their situation or they didn’t know the help that pro life pregnancy centers offer. We are in all the telephone books and we have helped thousands of women with financial (housing, food, clothing), emotional, and spiritual support to enable them to give life instead of death to their babies. Many women are just frightened and need to know that there is support for them. Often, just knowing we have their back, they will be strong enough to figure out a way to give life. This is not a judgment of women who chose abortion, but rather it is a challenge. Instead of focusing on a “right” to choose death for our children, let’s work together to take down the barriers (in schools, homes, workplaces, etc) for women to opt for LIFE.

  61. Pro-choice’s stands just make it that much harder to understand why you could be pro-choice. The same issue exists on my side as well when so-called pro-lifers go overboard in the name of life by destroying private and public property which only gives those who take their stand upon the rights of law a bad name.

    I am 100% pro-life NOT because others are, NOT because it’s the cause of the week for me, NOT because my parents were, none of the usual suspects. I am pro-life in the deepest way possible, because I was ALMOST the victim of the clinic myself.

    My real Mom who I hold no grudges against, was a full blooded Penobscot Indian, don’t know who my father was, but for one reason or another she thought she couldn’t care for me along with her other children so off to the clinic she went thinking it was her only choice, this was sometime before June the 14th of 1959.

    I only know what my real Sister told me of that time, but she made an appointment there and was at the door going in when a pro-life person stopped her and asked what she was doing there.

    My Mom told her story of not being able to afford another mouth to feed and they convinced my Mother to carry me to term and give me up for adoption, the better choice. And that is how I came to be, once I found out about this (Around 1989) it was the missing piece of my life puzzle as to why I was here in the first place. Most people make choices based on little or no information that goes against their choice. Which makes making the choice easier. The only problem is their choice might just infringe on another’s choice imply because they were to lazy to check into the why’s and how’s of their belief’s!

    I had been pro-life all along, even before I became a Christian in 1979 but this event put it all together so I dug deeper and deeper into the science of birth and the reasons behind my deep seated belief in the right to life! Digging for the truth is a life obsession for me now!

  62. I am Pro-Life because of two reasons:

    SCIENCE: The indisputable facts of the science of embryology are this: from the earliest stages of development, the unborn are distinct, living, whole human beings. (Sources are available upon request)

    PHILOSOPHY: There is no relevant difference between the embryo you once were and the adult you are today, such that those changes would justify killing you at that earlier stage of development. Differences of size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency are simply not good reasons to say that a child had no right to life in womb, but does when she is out of womb.

    Those four differences (Size, Level of Development, Environment, and Degree of Dependency) are the only differences between you and embryo. If you can remember the acronym SLED, you will always be able to tell why a pro-choice argument fails.

  63. I am pro-life because I believe women have the right to choose how they live.

    With our without a child.

    Pro-choice = pro-woman = pro-life

    1. Annie,

      I agree with you on the point that we ought to let women live their own lives by having the freedom to choose, or as you put it, to be “pro-women” (in such areas as their education, job, husband, car, pet, who they vote for, and many other things). However, some choices are wrong. Taking the life of an innocent human being, for example. Why would we grant a woman the right to kill an unborn child? How could it be justifiable to give a mother a right to kill her child by means of elective abortion? If you would consider an illustration, I want you to imagine that I was advocating the “pro-women” view by saying that they ought to be able to kill their 2 year olds if they wanted to. I think you would find my position to be very immoral and would actively oppose me! But what is the difference between my position (that you can kill the child two years after birth) and your position (that you can kill the child before birth)? The only difference is two years of development. Please consider this point:

      1) If the unborn child is unworthy of protection inside the womb, what changes at birth that suddenly makes the child valuable and worthy of protection?
      There are only four differences between the unborn child and you: Size (but we never determine rights from how big people are), Level of development (but undeveloped 2 year old girls are just as valuable as fully developed 20 year old girls), Environment (but never has where you are determined who you are), and Degree of dependency (but dependency on other humans has never decreased someones right to life). With this in mind, why do you contend that the unborn are not valuable?

      I hope this helps to clarify the pro-life position, and demonstrates that being pro-choice is equivalent to excluding the unborn child from consideration and due respect.


  64. I have been pro-life most of my life, ever since I was a teen. One day, when I was 11 years old, I asked my mother if she ever had an abortion. To this day, I don’t why I asked. The thought simply passed through my mind and I was curious. She answerd yes. I didn’t know what to make of it because I was so young. It didn’t really hit me how terrible this was until I became older. Like most people, I love children. And the idea of being pregnant is such a beautiful blessing. I couldn’t understand how people could have such a “I don’t care” attitude about abortion. I mean, you are killing an innocent baby. He/she didn’t ask to be conceived, so why should the baby suffer. To this day, I am still upset that I lost a sibling. I wish so badly that my mother would have had the baby. But it wasn’t just a sibling I lost. My sister had an abortion, and my brother lost two babies due to abortion. I just feel so sad. I especially feel very sorry for my mother. She deeply regrets what she did. So many women have these abortions only to deeply regret it later in life. Gosh, if people only realized how precious these little babies are. We were all vulnerable children once but thanks to our mothers and those who loved and cared for us, we are here to live our lives. If you value your own life, why don’t you value others? It is the love that we have for each other that keeps us going. Do you really want to live in a world where life is not valued? Once we stop cherishing the lives of children, we stop cherishing life all together. We should show our gratitude to the Creator by loving and protecting each other, and that includes protecting unborn babies. Why do we live in a world where the vulnerable, the helpless, the poor, the handicapped aren’t protected? Someday, we are all going to be vulnerable and we are going to want the love and compassion of others. Shouldn’t we protect the unborn? We shouldn’t do something just because we can. We should do what we know is right. Abortion is murder. Pure and simple. It is a sin before God. We should fear and obey God by not killing and abusing each other. Allow your heart to feel the love it should be feeling when you think about these innocent babies. If you don’t want a child, then use birth control, give the baby up for adoption, or give the baby to a relative. If you give the baby up to someone else, pray for the child continuously. God will honor you prayer and will love and protect your baby. Even if the baby is not raised by you, you are always going to be he or she’s mother. Your love for that baby will be wherever that baby is. So continue to pray for the baby even if you put the baby up for adoption. If you really can’t raise the child, it is alright. Adoption is a reasonable option. Your baby will be fine because God will be there for that baby. So please do the right thing. Don’t kill your baby. Give your baby a chance. Please. Don’t end up like my mother, spending the rest of your life regreting this decision.

  65. There are three people intimately involved in an abortion 1) the unborn person 2) the mother and 3) the father. During and after an abortion each person is affected in a different way of course. The unborn person is killed, their life ends; the mother always has some type of physical or psychological issue/issues to deal with and the father is seemingly affected the least but who knows for sure? I wonder how many fathers miss their children and regret not protecting them. I know two women who are close to me that have had abortions. I became sterile never getting pregnant again, the other is still suffering emotionally 50 years later.

    Bottom line there really is nothing good one can say about an abortion, everyone looses.

    I know many of us blame the liberal laws for abortion but that really isn’t the issue. The law doesn’t require an abortion is just permits it. So there are probably two typical situations that occur 1) a woman is totally mislead by those who profit from abortion so they can have another client and make some more money or 2) for some personal reason a woman knowingly elects to kill her child.

    For those of us who see clearly and know that abortion always ends the life of an individual and want to make a difference what can we do? 1) we can educate people and 2) share true love with them in the hope that their hearts change.

    Forget the law, do you not murder your neighbor to steal his stuff because there is a law against it? Probably not, you don’t do things like that because you know they are wrong, immoral, selfish, etc. So it should be with abortion, let’s just tell the truth, educate and love ………………. the abortionist will be looking for another job if we get to enough people.

  66. I am pro life because I have a disorder. I was born with Asperger Syndrome, a form of Autism. Having the disorder enhanced me and gave me abilities that many would think impossible. I am proof that having a disorder is not a bad thing. I want every child to make their mark on society.

  67. I AM PRO-LIFE because I used to not be. Truth be told, I have had more than one abortion. I was a mother at the time of my abortions. The first one I was pressured into by the father. I was young and ignorant and afraid of losing my other two children, the tangible ones at that time. I chose to do the abortion pill and suffered miserably for over 48 hours as I birthed my newly conceived baby into a toilet bowl. I guess I became numb after this. I felt unworthy as a mother. So, when I became pregnant again with my new boyfriend (my loving husband), it was so easy for me to choose to have an abortion. I’ll never forget him putting his hand on my lower belly and saying “that’s my baby in there”. I think that he became numb as well because I took part in two more abortions after that. My last three abortions were all performed surgically. It was easier to cut myself off emotionally with a surgical abortion. I never once was shown my baby when they performed the ultrasounds to verify my pregnancies. I know without a doubt, had I seen them, I would never had gone through with any abortions. The clinics make you feel so secure and like it’s so natural. You sit amongst other women. They medicate you with nerve pills so that you feel relaxed and at ease. You start sharing stories with other women and you feel like part of a group. I’ll never forget with my last abortion, my husband (then boyfriend) walking me out to the parking lot and me feeling so sick, vomiting all over the ground, and feeling so empty. I told him I would never go through that again. I got pregnant with my son a couple years after that. I told him as soon as I discovered the pregnancy that I would not abort. He was so supportive. My pregnancy was tough. I had to be careful because in the beginning I had placenta previa and I believe that that had something to do with my previous abortions. I imagine my poor little guy had to park his placenta in the only space my damaged uterus had left. Needless to say, I have a very healthy, happy little boy along with our children from previous marriages. I think about my unborn babies often, cry and grieve over the loss of them and the decisions I had made. I think about what they would have been like. Boys or girls. Silly or serious. What they would look like. I know that I could never change what I did in the past but that God has forgiven me through the blood of Jesus and that one day, I hope and I pray, I will get to meet my children, hold them, and tell that how much I love them and how sorry I am for being so selfish. I really wish I had known more about pregnancy support centers earlier in my life, but it is what it is. All I can do now is try to help other women.

  68. I believe that a “person’s a person, no matter how small.” -Dr. Seuss
    But for those of you who need scientific evidence and examples, at six weeks babies have eyes, hands and a heart. Also as soon as a baby is conceived, it starts to develop. It may not look like a normal person, but neither does someone with major birth defects. Does that make them less of a person? No! It just means that tgey look different, just like an unborn baby. So that is my philosophy on abortion. Legal killing innocent babies is one of the reason that we need major change in our society

  69. I was in Alaska and met a lady that had 7 abortions I was tormented and have a grand daughter that was adopted from an inmate who was going to be aborted. I just got done with a video about this its only 3 min long please watch and contact me if you want to know more.

    Desmon Butts I live in Tomball texas


  70. – I’m pro-life because, the year I was born, 861,789 babies were aborted in America. That’s 861,789 of my peers- friends, coworkers, colleagues- gone before they could see the light of day.

    -I’m pro-life because 1 out of every 3 women will have an abortion in their lifetime. Think about that: Out of the girls who were in my eighth-grade class, five of us will have an abortion, and two or three of us will have more than one. Think about how screwed up that is for a second.

    -I’m pro-life because where I live a baby is almost as likely to be aborted as born.

    -I’m pro-life because an African-American baby is actually MORE likely to be aborted than to be born.

    –I’m pro-life because, statistically, there is around a 40% percent likelihood that I will become pregnant within the next six years, just by being a teenage girl in today’s society. That’s not even factoring in my race, my socioeconomic status, my family situation, where I live, or anything else.

    -I’m pro-life because we live in a sex-crazed culture that teaches us that we HAVE to have sex in order to live and breathe.

    -I’m pro-life because, in less than four months, I will be counted in the statistics of women who want to prevent pregnancy and “need contraceptive care” so that we don’t do something “we can’t help” and have no choice but to kill our unborn babies. This shows that our culture now considers it normal for 15-year-old “women” to be having sex and getting pregnant.

    -I’m pro-life because, statistically, there is about a 70% likelihood that I won’t walk out of high school for the last time as a virgin.

    -I’m pro-life because I’m sick of the “one day you’ll know” or “I’ll bet you one unplanned pregnancy you’re actually pro-choice” speech when I tell people I’m pro-life.

    -I’m pro-life because, when I said during a class debate on abortion that “if you’re not ready to raise a family, you shouldn’t really be having sex”, the ENTIRE CLASS (including the teacher) started screaming at me.

    -I’m pro-life because I’ve had people say that I’m supporting a totalitarian society and even compare my ideals with Hitler’s.

    -I’m pro-life because having family problems is actually used as a risk factor for teenage pregnancy. I. CAN’T. EVEN.

    -I’m pro-life because teenage girls with family problems are not helpless. I should know. I’m one of them.

    -I’m pro-life because NO ONE should have the right to kill anyone else, but EVERYONE should have the right to live.

    -I’m pro-life because fetuses have heartbeats at 18 days and brain function at 40 days.

    -I’m pro-life because I was born two months premature, and if I had still been in the womb on December 26th, it would have been perfectly legal for my mother to kill me. After all, I was still just a “choice”, right?

    -I’m pro-life because, the same day I came into this world prematurely, around 3,600 babies were aborted, and of those babies, about 30 of them were as developed as I was or more.

    And most of all,

    -I’m pro-life because of my older sister who never got the chance to live. No matter what anyone tells me, I can’t shake the idea that she could have cured cancer, or become President, or found a solution to world hunger. And even if she wouldn’t have done any of those things, she would’ve been my sister. I might not have existed if she had been born, but if that’s true, that means I live for both of us.

  71. The following is the text (edited for brevity) of a speech I gave at Lyon College in Batesville, AR, last November, as part of a pro-life / pro-choice seminar.
    Good Evening. Thank you all for coming out on a rainy day.

    My name is Anne Kootz.
    I am the mother of 4 boys, and have 2 grandchildren. For several years I taught high school sciences and Natural Family Planning. Today I will will explain what that is.

    We’ll begin by getting a fundamental definition out of the way.

    A “human being” is a member of the species homo sapiens.  While there is much debate over when a human organism becomes a “person,” there is no debate over when a human organism begins biologically: “Biologically speaking, fertilization (or conception) is the beginning of human development. 

    Therefore, abortion simply is not a reasonable alternative. There better ways to deal with a crisis pregnancy.

    Many years ago, I was a college student. In my senior year, though I was married, I feared pregnancy because I thought it would interfere with graduation. I decided to prevent this complication with the birth-control pill. I used the mini-pill, a progestin-only version that my doctor assured me would have minimal side effects. I never read the package insert during that time.

    Had I read it, I would have learned:
    The mechanism of contraception action of (these) tablets is multicausal, primarily at the local pelvic level and secondarily at the systemic level. …
    (and later) Pelvic effects include changes in the cervical mucus and endometrium. … Endometrial changes (are) (progestational) unfavorable to implantation. …

    What does this mean? Should the secondary, systemic effect fail to prevent ovulation, and I conceived, my tiny new child would be unable to implant in the uterus, thereby starving to death. An early abortion.

    That same package insert would also have warned me of risks to my health:
    ectopic pregnancy, migraine headache, ovarian cysts, cervical cancer, and breast cancer.
    I did later suffer from such complications, that required several surgeries. I might have avoided all these health problems if I had used the same brain that could study chemistry and engineering, to read the small print on the paper inside my pill box.

    Later in life, my husband and I became certified teachers of Natural Family Planning. During our studies, we learned about the actions and side effects of a number of different forms of contraception.

    Hormonal contraceptives increase the risk of heart attack, blood clots & pulmonary embolism, strokes, cancer of the reproductive organs, liver disease, partial and complete blindness, gall bladder disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, clinical depression, dementia, decreased libido, and death. And, should conception occur, the child is at increased risk of abnormalities and death.

    In addition, IUD promotes the risk of spontaneous abortion, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic infection, autoimmune disease, and uterine perforation.

    This is all grim information.
    I wonder how many of us were warned of this by our contraceptive-prescribing physician? How many of us would put any other powerful drug in our bodies before we learn of the possible side effects?

    These concerns about abortion and contraception are real! Contraceptives injure and kill human life -mothers and babies.

    So,What else are we to do?

    Some people choose to practice abstinence. This may seem like a radical idea, but it has many merits. It is 100% effective in preventing conception.

    For those who intend to be sexually active, but want to avoid pregnancy,
    there are now modern methods of fertility awareness , called Natural Family Planning, or NFP for short, that work in harmony with our nature, not against it.

    NFP is 100% Natural …
    If you need to limit or postpone having children, NFP can help you do that — without chemicals, hormones, abortifacient pills, devices, implants or surgery, and with zero side effects. if you’re having fertility problems, as I did for several years, your fertility awareness can help increase the odds that you’ll conceive. Best of all, it works WITH — instead of against—the design of a woman’s body.

    NFP is personalized … Every woman learns how to understand her own body and its cycles, through one or more simple biological signs. If a couple wants to conceive, they make love on fertile days. If they need to wait—well, they wait until the infertile times. The average woman is fertile from 8-10 days a month. NFP works for women of any age, and even for women with irregular cycles.

    This is all very fine information, but sometimes, whether desired or not, a new life does begin.

    A young mother may not have the support of the baby’s father, and cannot care of a baby and support herself, let alone finish her education. And she thinks her parents would be so disappointed! … But how will they feel if she takes the life of their grandchild?

    Abortion seems like a simple fix.
    What else can she do?

    Here is my story.

    28 years ago, 16 yo high school girl became pregnant. Under very difficult circumstances she carried that child and gave birth to him – and through adoption he became our first son. His birthmother saved his life. 27 years later, he is a grown man, a paramedic. Now he saves the lives of other people.

    Perhaps you know someone who is facing a crisis pregnancy. She can come to me. I will help.

    I would say to her:
    Please give your parents and family some credit. Your parents love you.They love you more than you know. They would, of course, need some time to get used to the idea. Then they will also want to help.

    I know. … Here is the rest of my story.

    One of my beloved grandchildren started life as a crisis pregnancy for an 18 yo college student. My son and his girlfriend contacted a crisis pregnancy center nearby, and asked for help for themselves and their child. Now, five years later, you will occasionally see my beloved, little redheaded grandson walking with me on campus. He is the sunshine in my life. However, it could have been very, very different.

    I also wonder whether I could have had another child, had I been wiser about birth control in my college days. Perhaps it would have been a girl. Maybe she would look a lot like me. I will never know during this life.

    What can someone do, whose regret over past abortions becomes unbearable? I would direct her to her pastor, and Project Rachel, for help.

    There is comfort and healing. Our God is a merciful God. I will trust in Him.

  72. I have been involved in five relationships in my younger year before married. All of the relations never materialized because the girl decide to have an abortion. I was never able to voice my opinion in the matter and now at my old age feel guilt for the lost of lives. I do pray and hope that those souls are able to forgive me. Now i only have a daughter and my wife can’t have any more children. I miss them in my life but my daughter had a baby out of a one night stand. The baby is my hope and i am becoming the father figure and grandfather on her life.

  73. Guess i was in a fog for most of my life, did things of earth and not for God… never really was for abortion but did for some time be for the right of the woman to be her own captain, never understanding that this killed another human being who could never be the captain of his/her life. After two mistakes and feeling humiliated and alone i knew i was not for abortion, and i thank God every minute with every breath for forgiving me.

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