Planned Parenthood

Because of the central place held by Planned Parenthood in promoting and providing abortion, anyone investigating the abortion issue should know some basic information about this organization.  Most of the information below is from Planned Parenthood’s 2006-2007 annual report, which includes figures from calendar year 2006, the most recent period for which data is available.

How Many Abortions does Planned Parenthood Perform Each Year?

In 2006, Planned Parenthood performed 289,750 abortions, or approximately 23% of all abortions, making them the largest abortion provider in the United States. Even as the overall national abortion rate goes down, Planned Parenthood continues to perform more abortions every year.

Sources: Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Planned Parenthood Federation of America 2005-2006 Annual Report.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Planned Parenthood Federation of America 2006-2007 Annual Report.

Aren’t Abortions only a small Percentage of the Services Provided by Planned Parenthood?

While Planned Parenthood officials claim that abortions constitute only 3% percent of their services, this figure is misleading. Out of the 10.5 million individual services they provided in 2006, 289,750  were abortions—roughly 3%. But this figure fails to account for the fact that a woman visiting Planned Parenthood for an abortion will receive several services—from a pregnancy test to some manner of counseling to the abortion itself—each of which is counted separately.  A closer look at Planned Parenthood’s client and income numbers shows that the abortion figure is actually three times what they claim.  Of 3.1 million Planned Parenthood clients in 2006, 9% got abortions.  Moreover, abortion accounts for at least a third of Planned Parenthood’s total income from clinic services.

Source: Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  Planned Parenthood Federation of America 2006-2007 Annual Report.

Does Planned Parenthood Provide Safe Abortions?

Since abortion was made legal across the United States in 1973, hundreds of women have been killed as a direct consequence of abortion, many of them at Planned Parenthood facilities. In one recent example, a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Riverside, CA inserted laminaria into the cervix of a 21-year-old woman named Edrica Goode, failing to observe that she had a vaginal infection.  The infection spread, and she died a few days later. Her family is suing Planned Parenthood for malpractice. Abortion clinics are not as safe as you might think.

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How is Planned Parenthood Organized?

Planned Parenthood is comprised of a national headquarters–the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA)–and 97 affiliates across the United States.  Each Planned Parenthood affiliate operates local facilities in a given state or region.  In all, the affiliates operate a total of nearly 880 individual facilities.

The PPFA International Program operates in 17 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  Planned Parenthood operates its own facilities in these countries as well as partnering with existing medical institutions to advance contraception and abortion in the developing world.

Finally, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund Political Action Committee (PPFAPAC) lobbies on behalf of Planned Parenthood’s agenda in the halls of government, seeking to keep abortion unrestricted by law, win funding for Planned Parenthood affiliates, and support pro-choice candidates.

Sources: Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Planned Parenthood Federation of America 2006-2007 Annual Report.

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Planned Parenthood’s Money

The annual budget of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its affiliates for fiscal year 2006-2007 was $1,017,900,000—over one billion dollars.  The Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its affiliates received $336,7000,000 in taxpayer  dollars during the 2006-2007 fiscal year, the most recent year for which data is available.  Public funds thus constitute nearly a third of Planned Parenthoods annual budget.  Planned Parenthood reported an income of $100 million for surgical abortions in 2006.  Their total income for medical abortions is unknown.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Planned Parenthood Federation of America 2006-2007 Annual Report.

Doesn’t Planned Parenthood Refer for Adoptions as well as Offering Abortion?

Planned Parenthood lists adoption referrals as one of the services they provide, but evidence from their own internal reporting reveals that adoption is a very low priority to them. In their annual report for 2005, the number of adoption referrals was omitted.  In 2006, Planned Parenthood reported only one adoption referral for every 180 abortions.

Sources: Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Planned Parenthood Federation of America 2005-2006 Annual Report.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Planned Parenthood Federation of America 2006-2007 Annual Report.

Where does Planned Parenthood Stand on Abstinence Education?

Planned Parenthood actually opposes all abstinence education programs.  In spite of the growing evidence that abstinence programs are highly effective, Planned Parenthood actively opposes any program endorsing the message that sex should be reserved for marriage.  They insist that such issues as premarital sex, contraception, masturbation, homosexuality, and abortion must be presented as personal choices without any inherent moral character.

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Where does Planned Parenthood Stand with Parental Involvement Laws?

Planned Parenthood strongly opposes laws requiring parental involvement in minor girls’ abortions, though such laws are supported by 69% of the American public. Tough parental approval is required for a minor girl to get her ears pierced or take an aspirin dispensed by the school nurse, Planned Parenthood insists parents have no right to know if their daughters get abortions.

Sources: Gallup. Americans Favor Parental Involvement in Teen Abortion Decisions.

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Does Planned Parenthood Shelter Child Predators?

There is mounting evidence that Planned Parenthood facilities routinely fail to report cases of statutory rape, while avoiding mandatory reporting and parental involvement laws.  Undercover videos gathered by independent investigators suggest this may be a standard Planned Parenthood practice nationwide.

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Is Planned Parenthood helping to Reduce Abortion by Providing Contraception?

Planned Parenthood officials frequently claim that they want to reduce abortion by providing contraceptives, but the belief that making contraceptives widely available will reduce abortion is not supported by facts.  Planned Parenthood officials also frequently declare that one of their central missions is to provide high-quality, low-cost contraceptives, but the evidence suggests otherwise.  Condoms distributed by Planned Parenthood were rated among the worst available in a study by Consumer Reports magazine.  Planned Parenthood has also been exposed for dramatically overcharging their clients for Plan B emergency contraception; pill purchased for $4.25 to $4.50 were resold for $25 to $32—a 400-600% markup.

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Is it True that Planned Parenthood’s Founder Promoted Racist Views?

Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, was a strong advocate of eugenics–the policy of preventing certain races, classes or groups from procreating in order to “improve” the genetic stock of society.  Sanger wrote about the need to control the population of blacks and other minorities through contraception and sterilization.  In her 1932 “Plan for Peace,” Sanger stated that the U.S. should “keep the doors of immigration closed to the entrance of certain aliens whose condition is known to be detrimental to the stamina of the race.”  She even spoke at a Ku Klux Klan gathering in Silver Lake, New Jersey in 1926.

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Does Planned Parenthood Share Sanger’s Views on Race?

While Planned Parenthood today repudiates racism, they continue to target their services disproportionately to minority populations. While blacks comprise only 13% of the population, 37% of women in the United States having abortions are black, due in no small part to Planned Parenthood’s conscious placement of many of their facilities in neighborhoods primarily populated by minorities. In fact, more blacks are killed in the womb at Planned Parenthood facilities in three days than were lynched by the Ku Klux Klan in their entire history.

An undercover investigation in 2008 showed Planned Parenthood officials across the country gladly accepting donations being offered by a man who claimed he specifically wanted his donation to go towards abortions for black women, in order to reduce the black population.

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Is Planned Parenthood Consciously Trying to Change its Image?

Planned Parenthood has launched a nationwide campaign to create a more hip, upscale image and appeal to a wealthier, suburban clientele. One Planned Parenthood official told the Wall Street Journal that Planned Parenthood wants to become the “Lens Crafters of family planning”. In recent years they have concentrated on building more upscale facilities in suburban locations, rather than the low-cost facilities in urban centers they emphasized in past decades.

Source: Simon, Stephanie. 2008. Planned Parenthood Hits Suburbia: Abortion Provider Goes Upscale, Aid for Poor Questioned. Wall Street Journal. June 23, Front Page