A Decision Between a Woman and Her Doctor?

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A common pro-choice argument is that abortion is just a decision between a woman and her doctor, therefore everyone else should stay out of it.  Whenever a person goes through a serious medical procedure, they usually like to be made aware of everything that the doctor will be doing.

For example, it is generally expected that a person will be able to meet with the doctor who will be performing the surgery beforehand, to discuss everything in detail.

However, with an abortion, this is not what happens.

Abortionists pride themselves on performing an outpatient procedure that does not take up much of their or the mother’s time.

This is a very scary idea.

The woman is putting her life in the hands of someone she has never met and has absolutely no relationship with. She has no chance to get to a sense of whether the abortionist seems concerned with her well-being, or even competent.

The procedure for an abortion is very quick, the mother comes to the clinic, and she gets the abortion, then she is sent on her merry way. There is usually no follow up appointment. And if something goes wrong, a clinic will usually tell the women to get help somewhere else [1].

The clinic’s tendency to rush patients through, take their money, and rush them out is just one more indicator that they do not truly care about the well-being of the woman.

This is something that should not be allowed to happen in modern day America.



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