Another Reason Why Abortion Makes Me Ill

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One of the modern conveniences I most enjoy is the high quality of food that is able to be provided to consumers. Even today, research is still being done to create products that are better tasting, more healthy, or both.

However, as with any type of research, there are ethical guidelines that must be followed. It helps to have these guidelines clearly laid out on paper, but there will always be certain things that researchers should simply know better than to do.

One such example of this is research that is being conducted by the biotech company Senomyx.

In its efforts to produce artificially enhanced flavors, it could use cells from animals, insects, or even a variety of non-controversial human cells [1].

Yet instead of doing this, it chooses to use “human embryonic kidney cells” from electively aborted babies [2].

Those who have worked with Senomyx include Campbell Soup, Kraft, and Nestlé [3]. However, Campbell Soup has since ended their relationship with Senomyx.

This just goes to show that there are some things that may not technically be against the law, but people should know better than to do.



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