Aborted Fetuses Found in Some Vaccines

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You are probably not aware of everything that is contained in your vaccines.

And you don’t think that should be a problem, because you should be able to trust that everything in it is fine, right?

Actually, many people would be shocked to find out that some vaccines contain the remains of abortions.

The National Network for Immunization Information acknowledges that some aborted fetuses have been used to help create immunizations for certain diseases, such as rubella [1].

Because viruses cannot re-grow themselves, they need a host. In the case of rubella, the fetus served as the host.

The biologists who did the testing had no involvement in the abortion process. These fetuses were already aborted–not aborted for the sole purpose of making vaccines [2].

However, it is important to respect the dignity of all life when attempting to find ways to prevent or cure diseases.

Instead, pharmaceutical companies should seek to find alternative ways to do this research and testing in their efforts to find effective vaccines.



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