Abortion: A Decision Between a Woman and her Doctor?

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Within the abortion debate, those who are pro-choice often want to come off as being very concerned that the pregnant mother discusses whether or not abortion is the right option with her doctor.

The implication is that abortions are only performed after a serious discussion about the risks that are presented by abortion, the woman’s prior health history, and an overall decision of what is right for the women.

Unfortunately, the reality is far different.

In fact, one would be hard-pressed to find any woman who gets her primary care from an abortionist.

Many women who undergo abortions report being treated like an object rather than a human being.

For example, one post-abortive woman described the experience as follows,

“When you think about any surgical procedure… You meet the doctor, you go through (testing)… there’s a whole protocol, right? At an abortion clinic, that’s not what happens… The women walk in, they meet a receptionist, they’re asked to pay by credit card or cash, then they’re rushed into another room where they’ll usually be given a little bit of sedative. They’re on the table and meet the abortionist when they’re on the table with stirrups, and they’ll never see the doctor again. This is not what you call good medical care” [1].

Don’t you agree?

[1] Ohden, Melissa (2011). A Voice for Life. All Pro HD, Vision Word Productions and For Olivia’s Sake. Film: 5:33

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One thought on “Abortion: A Decision Between a Woman and her Doctor?

  1. I begged and cried for my babies life. My girlfriend, 23yrs old, goes into her family doctor and told me I had nothing to worry about. She said that this was the doctor whom delivered her. He had to be nice right? When Julia brought up abortion he replied to my girlfriend by saying ” this is what I’d do for my own daughter”. Julia then proceeded to have him carve out our 3 month old child.

    I replay everything that happened to my baby every single day. I suffer more then I can explain. I don’t even know how to live anymore. I begged for my child’s life and it was taken by a family doctor and my ex girlfriend.

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