Abortion is Not Just Another Issue

There are many who have argued that abortion is just another issue.

Some of these people believe that pro-life advocates should be focusing more of their energy on other issues, such as ending wars.

Those who levy this criticism may find it insightful to take a closer look at both abortion and war.

For example, which of these results in more lives lost?

The answer to this question is abortion and, to be honest, the numbers aren’t even close.

There have been many more millions of American lives killed by abortion than by all of the wars America’s history combined [1].

While most of those who are pro-life would agree that military action should be avoided when at all possible, the truth is that it is sometimes necessary to protect innocent lives.

With abortion, however, there is no such justification. All lives being ended by abortion are innocent, and do not pose a threat to anyone.

Abortion is the taking away of the most fundamental human right, and it is the epitome of the term senseless violence.

It is for this reason that abortion is not just another issue.

A Political Perspective

Many people argue that abortion is just one of a variety of issues that they need to consider when deciding who to vote for.

One reason for this might be because these people believe that pro-life candidates are generally not able to have much of an impact on policy.

While it may be true that widespread change in the laws will not be seen overnight, this does not mean that the lives of the unborn should ever be sacrificed because a politician might not bring change fast enough.

In reality, we must always be appreciative of whatever progress the pro-life movement can make with protective legislation.

Every time we reach out to a politician or achieve a legislative victory for the unborn, progress is made.

Obviously, there are many issues that you consider when voting, and some have a more obvious impact on your life than others.

It’s important to realize, though, just how fundamental protecting the right to life is.

Without the right to life, no other human rights are even possible.

Life must first exist for any other issue to have an impact.

It is absolutely important to consider all aspects of a candidate, but challenge yourself to consider what is truly most important, first and foremost!



[1] Guttmacher Institute. www.guttmacher.org/pubs/fb_induced_abortion.html.

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