Activism Day

“I’m Pro-Life Ask Me Why!”

This Activism Day will give you the opportunity to learn more about pro-life issues, practice discussing them with others and share the pro-life message with others.

Here’s What YOU Can Do:

1. Educate Yourself – Watch the video on the front page, read and explore this entire website learn more and review the links and documents below.

2. Educate Your Circle of Influence – Use what you’ve learned to educate your personal circle of influence, i.e. your pro-life group, your friends and family and recruit them to join the Activism Day to spread the word.

3. Download the Activism Day Checklist – Use this as a step-by-step guide to hosting an SFLI Activism Day on your campus.

4. Join us November 17th! – Following the Checklist, spread the word using our posters, handouts and information!


Tools to Spread The Word:

Activism Day Checklist (pdf) – Step-by-step checklist for executing the activism day

I’m Pro-Life Ask Me Why Handouts (pdf) – Print these quarter-sheet handouts and hand them out on campus!


SFLI Activism Days Basics More audio and video to help you hold a successful SFLI Activism Day.


ButtonWear this button on your back-pack, bag or purse. There are many stories of this button prompting pro-life conversations and opportunities to share the pro-life message. Buttons will be made available soon. Sign-up for our email list and you will be notified when they are available!


One thought on “Activism Day

  1. I am today writing a letter to the editors of the local newspapers and my federal representative. I believe in life begins at conception. Death is declared when brain activity ceases (according to doctors) so then, logically, life must begin with an active brain. I contend that when the sperm joins with the egg, the first cell formed is a sort of brain plasma and just like the brain is the body’s motor, so too does that first
    brain cell direct the fetal body to form. Roe vs. Wade condones murder and must be rescinded! My Congressman, Tim Walberg, is a former pastor and is pro life. If any would put legislation forward to rescind this practice, it will be him. May God bless your endeavours and his.
    Crystal Roe

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