Expansion Of Abortion Funding Under Obama Care

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Funding for abortions has consistently been increasing over the past several years.

This trend was continued in 2010, when a new health care reform bill was signed into law.

This new law marks an even more decisive shift in favor of abortions in the United States.

Under this new legislation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (more commonly known as ObamaCare), state insurance providers will include plans that cover abortion procedures. These state exchanges will be supported by federal subsidies [1].

One of the provisions of this law allows the Secretary of Health and Human Services a significant amount of leeway to mandate various stipulations regarding abortions [2].

There are virtually no limits to abortions in this new legislation.

Private insurance companies are now required to cover preventative care, and one loophole of this law is that the federal government has been given the authority to define exactly what preventative healthcare includes.

So, what this means is that all insurance plans might be made to have to cover abortions.

In fact, unless abortion is specifically left out, it will be included in health care laws, as interpreted by the courts.



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2 thoughts on “Expansion Of Abortion Funding Under Obama Care

  1. Mr Obama,
    my name is Curtis Taylor and i am pro-life i think abortion is wrong. Im not trying to disrespect you but your are very own president of the United Stats and you think abortion is a good thing? im sorry to say but its very wrong what if one of those unborn children would grow up and find a cure for cancer would you feel bad for all the people that die because of cancer every year? Its wrong!

  2. Hey Obama,
    I agree with Curtis Taylor. Abortion is SUPER wrong!!!!! You have no idea what you are doing to innocent children. I honestly could care less whether I offend you or not. Abortion is the worst thing that you could do to a helpless child! You should ban it. I think you are a terrible man. If you wanted a child……..and your wife didn’t ……….would you let your wife get an abortion? If I were you………..I would tell her no. Abortion is against he bible. It is basically murder. I may be 13, but I had a lot to say and I hope I got my point across

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