How Will We Monitor Abortions (vs. Miscarriages) If Abortion Becomes Illegal?

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Some people are concerned with the plausibility of outlawing abortion. They wonder how effective of a monitoring system there could be.

If abortion becomes illegal, how will we monitor women who might attempt to have abortions? How would we prosecute them and what would the consequences be?

The focus should be on what will happen to our society if we do NOT outlaw abortions.

First and foremost, having an abortion can be a traumatic experience for the woman, who might feel caught in a crisis situation.

Most times, having an abortion is not something they want to do. Giving them support and other options is important.

Also, right now, women who have abortions in the instances of rape and incest are the exception and not the norm.

Countless women have abortions because they are easy to procure, and do not require any kind of reasoning or rationale.

At the very least, making abortion illegal will challenge parents to take responsibility for their actions.

Babies, even if they are not yet born, deserve at least some legal protection.


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3 thoughts on “How Will We Monitor Abortions (vs. Miscarriages) If Abortion Becomes Illegal?

  1. I guess next you will try to put women in breeding camps and have them raped over and over again and have baby after baby until they die.
    YOU PROLIFERS are EVIL! Do the world a favor and adopt the 4 million children in foster care!

  2. Child of the real god,

    This comment sounds as though you are more interested in calling people names and forming straw men arguments (by claiming that we want to put women in breeding camps so that they can be raped) rather than dealing with the issue in a civil manner. I mean no disrespect to you, but from the tone of your comments, it is quite clear that you have not done adequate research on the pro-life position (judging by your post, you did not even read the information on this website). You claim to be a child of the real god, yet you go on to make statements which are not consistent with what the real God would have you do. I am sure you are familiar with the good Samaritan? If you recall, the man that had been beaten was passed by while he was in distress. The men that left him and walked by were not the ones that pleased God. Only the one who stopped and helped the beaten traveler was commended, the rest were rebuked.

    Now my point is this: the children that are being aborted by the thousands ever day in the USA alone are in desperate need of a “good Samaritan.” In this case, the pro-lifers are not the ones under God’s wrath (you made that very assertion in your first comment) but the ones obeying Christ’s teaching to love ones neighbor. Conversely, you would be the one under God’s message of correction (for you are not loving ones neighbor, i.e. the unborn child), and quite possibly His judgment.

    I do not say this to be nasty, but to correct error. I hope this helps to clarify the position of the pro-lifers, and demonstrate the need to be pro-life if we intend on being consistent with Biblical teaching.


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