Is Adoption Too Difficult and Time-Consuming?

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When a woman finds herself in an untimely pregnancy, she can be conflicted with where to turn. She can choose one of three options: mother the child, place the child up for adoption, or abort the child.

Although many women do realize that adoption, allowing a preborn child to continue living and be raised by another person, is a more loving option than abortion, there are some who claim that the process is too difficult and time-consuming.

However, this is not true.

First, it should be mentioned that although the difficulty with the adoption process can vary to a certain extent, women are generally able to get help with the adoption process and can often hand her child into another loving set of hands as quickly as a few hours or a few days after birth.

Although the process can technically take several months, the pregnant mother actually has to do relatively little to set up the adoption. How much time she might want to put into personally seeking a couple to adopt her child is completely her decision.

Even though abortion might seem easier at first, a quick overview of the facts on this site reveals that adoption is always the better option, for all lives involved.


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