Pro-Choice: Adoption is Too Difficult

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When facing an unplanned pregnancy, many women want the preborn babies inside their wombs to simply go away and disappear.

The prospect of a nine month, or even seven month, pregnancy does not seem appealing to them.

In addition to the length of the pregnancy, many women may find it frustrating to do everything that is required to be done in placing a child for adoption.

Complaints about this process include that it is too difficult, too time-consuming, and that there is way too much legal red tape.

No one disputes that many women who face unplanned pregnancies have the right to feel frustrated.

However, this does not mean women should rush through in making any decisions.

The decision to undergo an abortion is a serious one that may have very serious, lifelong consequences. Women owe it to the preborn children as well as to themselves to take the time to consider the situation in perspective.

True enough, adoption make take a bit of effort, but as the old adage goes, “nothing easy is worth doing.”

It is far better to choose to life, and place children for adoption rather than ending their lives through abortion.


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One thought on “Pro-Choice: Adoption is Too Difficult

  1. What a dim, shallow-minded article. Whoever wrote this has never been faced with an unplanned pregnancy. You speak as though women don’t want to adopt simply because they are annoyed with the inconvenience of adoption. How about the gut-wrenching, life-altering decision to send away your flesh and blood for life, who has lived with you for nine months? Get an education and some empathy.

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