Pro-Choice Argument: Don’t Like Abortion? Don’t Have One

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If you saw someone around you pull out a gun and aim it, would you try to stop them?

Some advocates of abortions argue that if you do not like abortion, then you simply should not have one yourself.

However, it is completely unreasonable to expect that the public should just stand idly by and allow the killing of millions of preborn children each year, in America and abroad.

Whenever human lives are in danger, all of those who are aware have a solemn moral obligation to take a stand and to do whatever we can to protect those lives.

Countless human lives are on the line.

We are the ones who must try to intervene on behalf of the millions of preborn children that cannot help themselves.

If you were in the situation to stop a potential gunman from harming another person, hopefully you would take action.

The situation of abortion is not much different. In the same way as in the gunman situation, we have the responsibility to take action to defend life.

As people who were given the opportunity to live and love by being born, we need to courageously demand that all people are able to experience life in this same way.


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