Pro-Choice? What Are You Thinking?!

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Those who are pro-choice often refer to preborn babies in outlandish terms.

One example is to refer to them as mere “uterine contents.” To many of them, abortion is fairly straight forward removal of tissue.

In light of this, you might be fairly surprised to learn that a baby’s brain waves are actually detectable as early as 6 weeks after conception [1].

In week 7, the first fully developed neurons appear on the top of the spinal cord – this area of the brain helps regulate “breathing, the heartbeat, and blood pressure” [2].

By week 8, all of the organs (except the lungs) are functioning [3].

While it is always wrong to take an innocent life (at any stage), simply being informed of all these early developments helps people to realize who the subject of the debate actually is.

If the preborn baby could speak, one of the things it might ask us is “What are you thinking?!”



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