Pro-Lifers to Pro-Choicers: Please Think Before You Speak

Miscarriage, Abortion, Physical, Psychological, Emotional

Each year, there are a large number of women who are irreversibly marked by their miscarriages.

It takes some people several years to grieve for the child that they never knew.

This is something that many pro-choice advocates do not dispute.

What distinguishes miscarriages (spontaneous abortions) from induced abortions is that miscarriages happen naturally.

However, it seems very odd that some in the pro-choice movement concede that miscarriages can have a profound impact on women, but claim that induced abortions do not.

How could they not?

Aside from the multitude of research that shows how abortion hurts women [1], even common sense alone would dictate that there would be great similarities in the types of impact each has.

The truth is abortions do have a similar impact on women.

Although some women might argue that killing their child was the right decision for them at the time, statistics show that most women suffer from some type of physical, psychological, or emotional consequence [2].

In fact, even some woman who might feel relieved immediately following an abortion may still begin to experience negative effects from it month, or even years, down the road [3].

Denial, sadness, and a sense of loss are all commonly seen in the grieving process [4].

It is important to support women on their path to acceptance. Women need to know that there is help for them whether in friendships or professionally, and these negative feelings are natural.



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