Legal Abortion Doesn’t Save Women’s Lives, Report Shows

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Many of those who support legalized abortion make the claim that it will save women’s lives.

However, those who believe should be awaare of a few facts.

First, numerous studies have shown abortion can actually cause great harm to women physically and psychologically [1].

Second, some studies have concluded that there is actually a higher maternal death rate in countries that have legalized abortion [2].

In other words, if you look at the maternal death rate at countries that have very restrictive abortion laws and those that have placed few or no restrictions on abortion, those that have restrictive laws tend to also have lower maternal death rates [3].

For example, the U.S has barely any restrictions on abortion, and has an average of 11 maternal deaths per 1,000 deliveries [4].

In contrast, Ireland (which has outlawed abortion) now has the lowest maternal death rate (1 for every 1,000).

This trend actually holds true for every region in the world; the less restrictions on abortion the higher the maternal death rate.

This is just one more indication that abortion harms women.



[1] Elliot Institute. (2009). “Legal Abortion Doesn’t Save Women’s Lives, Report Shows.” Elliot Institute,


Image from The Daily Mail

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