Take My Hand, Not My Life

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A single woman living below the poverty line is four times more likely to have an abortion than a woman making at least $30,000 each year [1].

One reason this might be is that women who are poor, uneducated, young, black or Hispanic are more likely not to use contraception [2].

Almost three-fourths of women who have abortions are living below the poverty level (which means that they earn less than $9,570 annually) [3].

Clearly, poverty and abortion are linked.

As the statistics indicate, more women are living in poverty than you might think. Even some of the women who come from middle class families have only small personal incomes of their own.

This leads these women to be placed at higher risk for unintended pregnancy because they feel they have fewer resources to support a child.

Organizations such as Planned Parenthood know these statistics. But instead of helping to target the root causes of abortion or actually help women in need give their children life, Planned Parenthood targets these underprivileged neighborhoods for abortions.

There are many women in desperate need of help, but it has become clear that Planned Parenthood will not be the one to help them.



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