The Pro-Choice Movement: Backwards Logic Is Our Specialty

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Those who are pro-choice often esteem themselves on being champions for the empowerment of women. They argue that legal access to abortion is one of the most fundamental rights that a woman should have.

I light of this, it might surprise you to learn that of all abortions, 84% are performed on unmarried women [1].

That’s right. While so many in the pro-choice movement try to justify abortion by bringing up the “hard cases” of rape, incest, or danger to the life of the mother, those cases only make up approximately 0.53% of all abortions [2].

It appears that not being married can play a fairly large role in a woman’s decision to have an abortion.

Additionally, when post-abortive have been asked why they chose abortion, nearly one-third indicated that they did not feel emotionally capable and one in four reported they did not feel financially ready [3].

What these numbers seems to suggest is that unmarried women who become pregnant are often made to feel that they couldn’t possibly raise a child without having a husband to provide both financial and emotional support.

No matter how many times the pro-choice side tries to portray abortion as a woman’s right, these numbers show that with abortion, women are actually made to feel as if they have no power at all.



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