Pregnancy: Two Hearts, Love Them Both

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One of the most absurd claims of the pro-choice movement is that those who are pro-life only care about the life of the unborn child, and not the mother.

In reality, those who are pro-life believe that both lives have equal value, and both deserve to have their lives protected by law.

This common pro-choice claim has its basis in faulty logic, using a zero sum view.

In this view, showing love and support for the unborn child detracts from the love and support that can be shown to the pregnant women.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The situation is not comparable to some type of scale, in which more weight should be given to either life.

In fact, it would be far more appropriate to point out that the pregnant mother and her preborn child are in fact on the same scale, and our efforts should be focused on helping both.

Currently, only the life of the mother is protected by law, so this should change!

The simple truth is that all human life deserves dignity and respect, in all stages.


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