What Women Want: It’s Not Abortion

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A 2009 Gallup poll shows that the majority of women are pro-life. 40% of women identify themselves as pro-life while only 44% call themselves pro-choice [1]. Another 51% of women see abortion as morally wrong [2].

According to the results, it also seems that Americans in general are taking a step back from their pro-choice positions.

The media often attempts to give the wrong impression—that women are mostly pro-choice. This, however, is not true. Most women do not want to have abortions. Circumstances can sometimes make a woman feel as if she has no other options at the time being, but in reality she always does.

There are a great variety of reasons why women tend to be against abortion. One reason is because an abortion can be a very traumatic experience. It is invasive, painful and can lead to lifelong physical and psychological side effects. Most women realize this and do not want to see other women and their children suffer.



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