You Can tell A Lot About A Person By Looking At Their Trash

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It has been said that much can be learned about an individual or society by looking through their trash.

In fact, for some types of studies it has been found to be a far more accurate method of analysis than self-reporting.

In light of this, let’s examine some of the things we put in the trash – dead babies.

Although not the most pleasant subject to discuss, it is important that the public be aware of what happens to the bodies of preborn babies whose lives have been ended.

Especially when dealing with early term abortions, it is common to either

a) Flush the bodies down a garbage disposal


b) Place their bodies in bags

In addition to this, the bodies are sometimes sold for research. Especially when dealing with late term abortions, many abortion providers will use cremation in order to ensure the bodies do not fall into the hands of pro-life activists.

The abortion industry also wants to make sure that the bodies of the unborn are not given a proper burial. This is because doing so would imply that the life of the preborn has value.

If you really can make judgments about a society based on its trash, I think we are in trouble.



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