Are Abortionists Motivated By Money?

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Despite the fact that health care service is one of the most booming industries today, some people might argue that money is not a motivation for abortion.

Why would a doctor want $400 for an abortion when he or she could essentially make thousands for delivering a baby?

Checking up on a woman in labor and delivering her child might take all day.

Abortions may only last a few minutes, so it’s possible that they can do far more abortions than deliveries.

Medical abortions require even less time, as the abortion itself takes place at home and the woman simply comes to the clinic to have part of the abortion medication administered to her.

The abortion industry is a billion dollar industry.

The federal government even pumps millions of dollars into Planned Parenthood (the largest provider of abortion services) each year.

However, regardless of whether or not money is a motivation for abortion, the fact always remains that abortion is the taking of an innocent life.

Under no circumstances is that acceptable or justifiable.


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